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TVF Heartthrob Amol Parashar’s Journey From IIT Delhi To Bollywood!

The charming and heartthrob Amol Parashar is one of the breakout actors of this year. DJ Chitvan, as he is popularly known as, has been critically acclaimed for his strong marks left by the roles he played in the showbiz industry. With web series and short films, Amol is all over the web and took the digital entertainment platform by storm. Amol interacted with News Aur Chai recently and shared his views on his surreal journey as an actor and the exciting phase he is going through.

#1. From IIT Delhi to Yash Raj banner, it is an interesting switch. How did this take place?

It is a unique journey for sure but what happened in my case is that I didn’t have any exact plan like that. I used to like acting and then I started to do theatre in college while I was working. So I just wanted to pursue that. I wanted to act more than to do a film or something. And then a film happened in the early when I was in Bombay. It’s a good sign and I think it is also about the sign that this could happen as a professional as well. So I think I was trying to do some good acting work, when I found myself getting films and other projects I thought that there is more possibility.

#2. You have also done a number of web series, short films and they all are platforms for your creative exposure. For you, which one of these gives more space to creativity? Or which medium- theatre, digital or cinema works best for you?

I started from theatre, so there’s a certain attachment I have with stage acting. I think generally I don’t feel very differently between the mediums. One general difference that I feel is between the stage and camera. That is the only difference that is there for me (personally) as an actor. Emotional truth has to be the same, has to be real for you. But it’s just slightly on a craft level you have to understand that on stage you have to do something bigger in size because the audience is far away. And on screen, you know the camera can come close to you and you can convey even the smallest gesture or expression. I think that is the only difference in the craft which I learned at least. Otherwise on camera, as an actor, I don’t feel the difference be it an ad or web series or films. We just get the script and work on it. It is the same for every medium.

#3. But in films, there are a lot of issues like censorship, protests, scene cutting etc. & in the digital platform, we don’t see such hindrances generally.

Exactly but then I don’t think the actors are directly affected. Obviously, you’ll feel bad that you’ve worked hard on something and then it is getting obstacles but I don’t think it directly affects our work. If I’m going to act in a certain way, then I will be doing my best. The film I’ve done called Traffic Signal was shot in 2013 and came out in 2016. It was flying around for 3 years but in 2013 I only gave my best. Eventually, it got delayed and came out 3 years later; that I have no control over. So I don’t think I can worry about something that I have no control over.

#4. Acting as a career has to go lots of ups and downs. Initially, you have to struggle a lot & prove yourself. Did you at any point have second thoughts about this career?

Thankfully not. I thought that second thoughts might come but it did not. One thing that I feel lucky about that when I started I didn’t start with any expectations from myself. Like I didn’t start with a thought that I have to do films in 2 years, I have to do many ads. It was more like explore this field and see what happens rather than coming with a baggage that I’ve made this choice and I need to make it happen. I didn’t put that pressure on myself. Like I said, I didn’t plan to be in films. When it happened, I realized that I can do more films. I was just doing my work and not making any hard plans or target.

#5. You’re the new heartthrob who has joined the TVF bandwagon. Soham (Bisht Please!) and Chitvan (Tripling) are 2 different characters but both are cool & carefree. Do we get to see both these characters in you?
Also, seeing Chitvan’s Character, I felt like it was not a fictional role but it’s you portraying your life back there and honestly I loved Chitvan.

(laughs) yeah, of course, Chitvan is more popular. I don’t know about the similarity traits in me. But my friends did tell me that there is a part of me that is Chitvan. When I read the script although very interesting and very funny of course, I found my role challenging because I felt that this might not be me & I might have to work harder on this. But some people around me who knew me very well said that nahi yeh hai tere andar, you just need to find the right mood. Obviously, I don’t live that lifestyle for sure. You have to find the similar things in the character. It might not be always the same as you are. And that is the fun of it. You have to understand it. I did the same and now we know that it worked.

#6. In the whole phase of an actor, there are certain contributions in his/her life that make him/her better actor day by day. What helped you to grow more and be a better actor today?

I don’t know. I think acting is something that grows if you’re doing it constantly. It constantly builds inside. It is more like practice based art for me. The more you do it, the better you become. I think you’ve to do right kind of work. Again if you’re doing things that are hampering your growth then you’ve to check on that. If you keep yourself mix up with right kind of people and do right work then you can eventually grow as an actor. And also you’ve to keep that desire to grow. I still feel there’s so much to learn. There’s no limit to it.

#7. Lastly, Amol, tell us about your future projects.

I recently shot for a film “Aapke Kamre Mein Koi Rehta Hai” which is a rom-com. Sumeet Vyas, Swara Bhaskara, Naveen Kasturia and lot others (my friends) are also there. That was a fun film to shoot. We are expecting the world to hear about it soon. I really liked the name of the film (although not finalized). It’s a fun script with good actors.

And the second season of Tripling…(It has to)

I won’t be able to tell you when but yeah it will be coming for sure. I have been told ki wapis hoga. I will convey to them that it “has” to come just in case you’re doubting (laughs). I’m also eagerly waiting. The writing process will take some time. Then I will get a chance to read and I’ll able to tell you what Chitvan is going to do next. What crazy things he is up to.

He was crazy enough in season 1.

Yeah (laughs). Quite crazy. When I first read it, I was like Woaah! That’s Crazy!

Baba, you’re beautiful baba!

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