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Towards a better tomorrow

It was a big day for AIESEC in Chennai as they hosted the Youth Speak forum and the Global Village in the premises of Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Chennai. To what may have seemed to many as a well-executed event, to the AISEC-ers it was months of toil and planning to materialise an event as this one. The day began with the Youth Speak Forum and moved on to a culturally –blended Global Village that brought together 14 countries and opened opportunities to be a Global Citizen.

The Youth Speak Forum saw the launch of projects crafted by the volunteers of AIESEC in Chennai parallel to the 17 sustainable development goals identified by AIESEC internationally. In a pre-event held at the US Consulate here on Friday, goals in areas of climate change, reduced inequalities, quality education etc were converted into project ideas that the global exchange volunteers of AIESEC in Chennai would later implement and take little steps in helping Chennai move towards sustainable development. A few of the speakers of the Youth Speak Forum were present at this event, who helped the volunteers in developing project ideas in the 1.5hour brainstorming session.

The Youth Speak Forum saw Vishal Vasant, CEO and Co-founder of warhorse along with Rahul Sridhar , Creative Head of the stand-up comedy group ‘The Pundits’ hold a spectacular workshop on entrepreneurship and employability. Mr Shammy Jacob, Founder and Managing Director of SAAF India threw light on Climate Change, its effects, and as a goal for a better and cleaner environment. Mr Vikram of the Nirangal Community put forth his views on Reducing Inequalities as a means to ensure equitable distribution of the fruits of sustainable development finally, to facilitate the achievement of the goals above mentioned, Mr Ramabhadran Sundaram from TEACHFORINDIA have an insight on the importance of quality education and its role in development. Also, Mr Shadab Khan, Managing Director of Coca-Cola, Bangladesh weaved in leadership traits and survival in the corporate world by tracing out the story of Coca-Cola.

True to the tagline of the Title sponsor, Coca-Cola, the event was filled with little moments of happiness that multiplied as the day progressed into the Global Village. The delegates got an insight into professionalism coupled with opportunities to go on global exchange programs and apply their learning and skills in making the world a better place. The day was a perfect example of what the youth of today are capable of doing and how AIESEC is facilitating and channelling the efforts of the volunteers all over the world and bringing to life the dreams of many by helping design a better tomorrow.

Sruthi Bhat

An aspiring chartered accountant and journalist. Also, a passionate photographer , an avid reader with a heart filled with wanderlust, adventures are always a yes! I like to meet new people, learn about different cultures whilst being deeply intrigued by history and Indian mythology. Long drives, walks, and soothing music fuel my soul. Doodling and painting helps me battle boredom. I believe in looking a little beyond everyday and everything for simplicity is peaceful and life, truly. Briefly, a nerd who is out of the box, an artist by choice, writer by passion and photographer by obsession.

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