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TingTongs A Revolutionary Chat App

TingTongs is multi-program revolutionary Chat App which will have an independent stage for most of the everyday online necessities of our clients. The client centric approach of the App is essentially focussed on simply corresponding with each other but what makes it different from other popular already existing chat Apps is it is a one solution for all needs. The second phase of this App will provide OYO Room booking, Ola cab service, Mobikwik bill payments and mobile recharges too and almost everything you need on the go. And, the best part is you don’t need to leave the App for the greater part of the online exercises. Attempting up with numerous API suppliers so that our clients will have the capacity to utilize the same stage, finish all their essential online necessity without leaving the App. The main period of the App would be a straightforward with ordinary talking highlights and First Phase is available for download from Google Playstore with features like Vodeo Calling , Voice Calling, Chat, Free Coupons, News. As it has been evaluated amid our review that larger part of the wireless clients are Android clients.

E-business is an immeasurable field and it is becoming regular with incredible headways. Since live visit Apps ventured in, online business industry is experiencing new statures. TingTongs happen with conception of creating a space to connect diverse businesses with customers besides socialising. The team of technical expert divulged in creating a fresh concept under the mentorship of Gurucharan Singh & Mr.Ashish Vijayvargiya. In the entire venture operations plays a very vital role and the mentors have given this sector to Mr. Shantanu Sinha who handles the position of Vice President – Operations. Presently, with progressively rivalry in the business sector, live chat instruments have gotten to be developed and more successful for all. Individuals shop online and don’t feel rushed to talk with online administrators. As per one overview, the quantity of individuals who lean toward internet shopping is expanding quickly. It implies that e-trade sites are profiting as different business.


There will be three versions in the current financial year, out of which first will only concentrate on building communication with each other. The genuine state of the App and the real component disclosure would be made with the dispatch of second forms as we are attempting to actualize each conceivable element right in the second form. Here the main motive is to connect peoples on same platform to get in touch with each other. Best advantage of this app is to provide freedom from manual efforts.

Through a live chat App on your phone, an entryway of giving incredible client services is interested in all. A large portion of the live messaging Apps like Whatsapp, Hike or Google’s very own Hangout joins a visit interpretation highlight. This element takes out all the correspondence boundaries in the middle of you and your clients. Another extraordinary point of interest of installing an application on your phone is to pick up the trust of the clients as they can get in touch with various vendors quickly at whatever time they need. Here are the couple of situations where you can help up your business utilizing live chat App.

TingTongs App is a Single Platform for multi-utility model that leaves proactive impression that is indeed welcoming and could spare clients’ chance. Through this app, you can see the subtle elements of each deal available with multiple vendors. Assume and evaluate for the best experience the user can have before you proactively involve in trading with different service providers like OYO rooms, OLA cabs & MOBIKWIK and transform the diversion into your support. You never know when your upbeat visit welcome could wrap everything up with client.

Startup businesses are experiencing new statures through the Android Apps. More individuals are shopping through sites and number of online customers is expanding quickly. It is well kept in mind that half of the guests are not customers; they simply glance around so the interface is so designed that you won’t alienate. It is probably the first Chat application in the world to provide platform for majority of daily needs. It might want to say another situation where rivalry between comparative sorts of online business meets up. A portion of the online customers or guests get confound when they discover one item with the same quality however at various costs at more than one sites. This is the place your TingTongs App does the employment and disposes of any quandary from the clients’ brain.

TingTongs is an alert created for all the sections of the society with a simple target of adding flexibility and easy flow of communication. The App assumes a critical part in providing services as we have tied up with many API providers so that user don’t have to exit any time he/she wants to book room in hotel or hire a cab. It adds to the solid relationship between our organization and clients. We are planning the expansion soon this year with launch of TingTongs’ beta version in April 2016. Primarily it is a basic chat application now and focusing on each conceivable business sector in upcoming second version. You can’t win the clients’ heart and brain without giving them the additional conventional client services. Recall that, we don’t get clients until they feel that we are there for them to help at whatever time they need.

The part of TingTongs App on your smartphone is as critical as your online business. This is the main region that brings more clients and makes unbreakable string in the middle of you and them. Through Live backing application on your site, you can transform any of your site guests into client. The App specifically targets minimum 5 Lac downloads in the first 3 months and by the end of this year more positive results are awaited. From the client services perspective, it is the best online apparatus for you on move.

Rather than making telephone calls or hopping from one application to another TingTongs offers one stop for multiple utilities and regularly attends clients on priority basis. TingTongs App is free for clients to contact as well as spare time. It gives best services to the customers with the goal that create and increase consumer loyalty. To put it plainly, this chat application can genuinely help in creating clients.

On the off chance that you are an iOS client you have to wait for few months for TingTongs Apps. After testing the functionality of the application on the interface friendliness for users, feature implementation, Bug Testing, Decreasing the Network Dependability the app hopefully runs smoothly on Android. After it gets in flow soon it will be available on iOS. Chances are that you may experience TingTongs application with lot of add-ons that incorporate gaming applications, individual applications and applications for diversion reason. In any case, you have missed upon applications that encourage you in different ways, consider an application that singularly empowers you rising early morning and offers you some assistance with furnishing your preferred every day news.

Basic chat App- The first version Of TingTongs App features a free application that gives you a chance to send instant messages with photographs and recordings from your cell phone, bypassing your remote transporter’s SMS and MMS charges. After initial launch on Google Playstore and after evaluating the feedback launch will be planned for other three mobile operating systems.

TingTongs in its forthcoming generations will be stepping ahead than a normal chatting application. The actual features frame which is still in its third stage of development will be out in second version only.

Social media is very instrumental in making any brand successful; we request our well wishers to connect with us on: Facebook.com/TingTongsApp/ Get informed on updates by TingTongs and also share your feedbacks. You are free to ask questions. Your feedbacks and likes keep us motivated.

Prerequisite -A great many people are pulled in to TingTongs App in view of the wow element. They catch wind of another application or see a companion utilizing one, and they quickly get all amped up for it, while never pondering whether they truly require the application. Because it is free does not imply that you ought to quickly download and utilize it.

Ease of use – Judge an application in light of its ease of use. Dissimilar to PC programming applications, most applications are utilized on the go while driving, walking or running. Perceive how well you can utilize the application in those circumstances. So unless the App is anything but little bit difficult to use on the phones, don’t take the plunge.

Esteem – Unless you have endless hours of leisure time, you can manage without a vast rate of applications. Actually, most applications for excitement can be exceptionally addictive and victimize you off your valuable time, which you can utilize profitably in different errands. So you can judge an App by the quality it gives throughout your life. On the off chance that it can help you in profitability and spare time, let it all out. Yet, in the event that it squanders your time and reductions your wage or benefits, avoid it.

Wishing TingTongs a wonderful future ahead!

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