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BrandKeeda- Distinctive Business Partnership Of A Student And Teacher

Not all entrepreneurs need co-founders, but the story of companies such as Facebook to Flipkart would have never been same if it was not born of a great partnership. Many successful startups in India are having a similar trend of partners as many were long-time friends, classmates, or relatives. But we have come across a story of a unique partnership between a student and his professor who have created a business for other businesses to prosper.

The story of BrandKeeda , a Mumbai based business consulting and outsourcing company started over a coffee table in 2015 when the duo of student and professor struck a conversation about “is the world of business same as we are taught inside the campus or not”. They soon realized the potential gap that the world of creative and fancy advertisements and HR concepts were only made available for the wealthy multinationals and not to the budding startups and small traditional family businesses whose product maybe superior but never get a voice to speak to masses.


The duo of Student and Professor are Mumbai based. Jeffin Ani Johns who already had a ‘keeda ‘for business ventures due to his family business background and Dr.Samta Jain, a well known name between corporate brands as an author, trainer and academician. The concept of a micro agency was born in name of BrandKeeda whose mission was to cater to small and big companies to develop a unique brand image and experience without burning a hole on pocket.

The importance of having a skilled background of founders can been clearly seen in the success story of BrandKeeda as one of the founder Jeffin Johns is a double post graduate in Marketing and had a history of running a startup from his college days and is responsible majorly for the branding services. The other founder Dr.Samta Jain is a certified international trainer, author and academician with over 16 years of experience working with IIM and major corporate houses handles HR services and business strategy aspects.


The company is celebrating their first anniversary, it boasts a big client list from many startups to big giants like Oriental Bank, Maersk, Cipla and more and as per sources are soon planning to expand their services to foreign clients also.

For more reference visit: www.BrandKeeda.com

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