This is why Kattappa Killed Baahubali

SS Rajamouli’s magnum creation ‘Baahubali’ was announced as the prestigious National Award for Best Movie for the year 2015. The movie was released in July last year, went on to script box-office history by becoming the country’s biggest box-office success.

In an interesting video released by Dharma Productions, SS Rajamouli talks about his experience of making Baahubali “India’s biggest motion picture”, challenges he faced, bringing his father’s story to life and everything in between.

When asked about his biggest challenge, he said, “We shot for around 380 days and after 330 days, I could feel that the energy levels were going low. So pumping that into the whole team was one of the biggest challenges. I don’t know how it is in the other industries, but as far as our industry, everybody takes the energy from the director. The way the director steps into the unit makes a whole lot of difference to the entire unit for that whole day. I myself was very exhausted but I was acting as if I was full of energy and was pumping it into others was the biggest challenge for the last 50-60 days. ”

Talking about his association with Dharma productions, Raja said, “Every partnership is the best one when both the parties stand to gain something. I never met Karan before and his sensibilities of filmmaking are entirely very different from mine but somehow we knew that we had a good product and we just wanted a very good presentation for our Hindi speaking audience and I just knew he would be a part of it. When Rana took the product to Karan and explained it, he was instantly in without seeing any shots. I met him during the time of movie promotions and I had very brief chats with him and I realised that even though we have different sensibilities, our love for the film stands the same. We forget everything when we talk about a movie.”

In the end, Raja ends up revealing why did Kattappa killed Baahubai, the question that has haunted almost ever since people have watched the movie.

Watch the complete video here.

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