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After a summer season rooted in 90’s minimalism, the winter/festive season calls for some luxury silhouette. Indian weddings are anything but simple. With weddings comes the exclusive fashion for the big day. And to add more to the wedding trousseau, Emars Events, a distinguished event management company from Mumbai is organizing a Bridal Fashion Show: ‘The Winter Affair’ to make the bride-to-be’s plight a little easier by bringing together the best in the business of bridal wear.

Emars Events is an event management firm based in Mumbai. It was created by pairing together the passion for business and events. They bring a fresh and unique approach to the event management industry. They are well equipped to be able to deliver a broad spectrum of events from planning spectacular weddings and fashion shows to a myriad product launches, award parties, sports, conferences and seminars.

Mumbai based designer Archana Kochhar will be showcasing her extravagant wedding collection for the dream wedding along with other talents in the fashion industry. The idea is to bring together the best design sensibilities together and set the tone for winter/festive season. The fashion show will roll the ramp on November 13th at Westin, Koregaon Park, Pune.

Source: NewsAurChai Media
Source: NewsAurChai Media

The show will be like a celebration with intricate work of designers and the audience will get a good picture of luxury and trend at the same time. Neha Dhupia and Zarine Khan set off the fashion show and made the curtain raiser a big success. Rajib Banerjee, Director Emars Events calls The Winter Affair a dream come true at the curtain raiser. He is excited and proud to be able to conduct this big and dazzling event and bring in the best designers in the house to exhibit the bridal fashion for the bride-to-be.

Source: NewsAurChai Media
Source: NewsAurChai Media

Speaking of bridal fashion trend which is the major attraction, Archana Kochhar will be giving preference to each bride’s taste. The color palette for the show will be classic reds, maroons and other rich hues to make your look more ravishing. Soft pastels are also there in the list to fit in your grand occasion. Indeed classic and vibrant hues will set the mood this year. For someone who embraces the contemporary era and flexible to the changing times, this fashion show will definitely let you take the glamour moment back at home.

With intricate craftsmanship and vibrant colors, The Winter Affair will surely provide an opportunity to explore fashion and exquisite Indian aesthetics. It will definitely be the promising event for the season.

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