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The Struggle : Profitability Vs Responsibility

Profit is made from almost everything. There isn’t anything wrong with making profit; in fact if a person does some work then apt compensation is his right. And if he excels at his work then he does deserve a profit but almost in all cases there is something immoral involved as a way to induce this. Certain oil companies are known to make about 300$ in a second!! I find this really obnoxious, but well it is really to each his own. The fact is that the chairmen of these companies make as much money as 50-100 doctors. Now, that is precisely where my conscience begins to feel uneasy, is one person really worth 50 other people who dedicate their lives to protecting random strangers’? Defenders of corporates and rational thinkers might argue that it’s their respective jobs and one pays more than the other, and that its the rich folks who help pump money into the economy which later funds most of these doctors, but what about nobility of professions? Or perhaps that is a thought too idealistic for this materialistic world.

Though it isn’t the case of these white collared gentlemen that bothers me, it is more the case where researchers are paid to understand the human body and its genome. Now, mostly pharmaceutical companies pay these researchers and if they do have a breakthrough, it is quickly converted to obtain cash profit. Should we pay a price to understand our own body? Doesn’t any one find something amiss over here?
What about these so-called life saving drugs? If they are really life saving as they claim to be, shouldn’t they be given for free?

“Free”, that is a word that scares most moneymakers in the world. Agreed, that it is a cycle of this world, with Pharmacy companies investing billions in a project that might eventually fizzle out plus the government does tax them, it would be unfair to the companies. But then, if world peace is sought after by most governments in this world, then I guess the richer nations could waiver off or lessen taxes of these companies or could buy these drugs and distribute it at lowered rates or free, but no, the apparent elusiveness and unavoidable secret difficulty in the above situation mysteriously appears only when someone is forced to put their hands in their pockets and hear the merry jingle that is an orgasm for most living in our times. Still not convinced? Take a look at Polynesia and if you are still unsure, well then go ahead and live your life without caring, and when your beloved city is drowning or you are unable to feed your family, maybe money won’t really matter to you then as much as it does now.

Aniket Mishra

Sentimentally apathetic. A person in love with life and the various paradoxes it has to offer. A poet at heart, a trader by profession, a dreamer, a passionate narcissist, a hopeless romantic. I love psychology and trying to decipher the ultimate encryption- the human mind.

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