Traffic Ads India 2018
Source: PIB Youtube

Virtually in today’s time along with the differences in an individuals perspective, there is end number of WHY’S which initially becomes a hindrance in understanding and incorporating initials in one’s life. To answer all the WHY’s the authorities of road safety have led down several terms sarcastically to bring in the eyes of our generation and others through the punch videos which are currently flooding over all the social media, after all, “ROAD KISI KE BAAP KA NAHI HAI” has twisted all the heads out of the spiders web.

Turning towards all the rights and to all the lefts we the Indians have gathered so much of population that is so clearly running over the roads, administrative places, and public places. We tend to see, that in a rush car is banging the other head over and over again paying of the invoices. But it’s not completely right to blame the growing population for this matter of fact. It can be said or quoted well that people of our country find breaking of traffic rules pretty cool as they feel that it’s their own property. Till date, an endless number of campaigns have been held, including the activation of awareness schemes but still, there are no signs of a full stop over this issue.

Adding to this, to the very recent the brand ambassador of the government of India’s road safety campaign and our very own Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has taken over the reel to bring in a speedy behavioural change in people with regards to traffic and road safety.

A few days back some set of awareness videos were viral and are still on the count on youtube, as these videos are featuring Akshay Kumar along with the other role players who have been featured breaking the traffic rules. The set of videos features people breaking the traffic rules such as taking the vehicle on the wrong side of the road, taking a sudden u-turn which is prohibited and set of 3 people riding on a bike without wearing helmets and then Akshay Kumar takes the lead in the sweetest gesture by slicing off their guts and charges summons on them and quotes that it’s not their father’s road, its a public property.

In my view, the videos were exuberant as it made things very clear and revealed the importance of traffic rules which one should abide by. People should make an effort to bring in the change by contributing towards road safety, traffic rules, and the public property.

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