The Break-Up Party Continues in AAP

It seems like this is not AAP time for this voting election zone. As the party is getting jolt and jolt on every week basis. The AAP on one side preparing its manifesto for 2019 elections and on the other side, its own members are leaving the seats and creating voids in the party seat panel.

At first, the journalist turned politician Ashutosh, left his party position. Respecting the dignity of PARTY, he said, “it was a great journey but everything has come to an end so his journey in AAP. He requested media not to create any vituperative situation by making it a chaotic hindering news because it is his personal decision of leaving AAP. It has nothing to do with the politics, seat or election. AAP chief, Arvind Kejriwal shows grief and asked how to accept such letters?

Arvind Ashutosh
Source: The Quint

The next void created by Ashish Khaitan, one of the party chief electoral leader. He shed of the dust from his shoulder by explaining, he doesn’t want to continue in active politics and there is no political reason behind it. He also tweeted by quelling media from rumoring about any type of self-created story.

It seems like, they have read one of the famous quotes by PIYUSH MISHRA that is “कुर्सी है तुम्हारा ये जनाज़ा तो नहीं है, कुछ कर नहीं सकते तो उतर नहीं जाते!” and they both feel like doing nothing and decided to make this quote line of leaving the position in their life. Whatever the reason or explanations party members have for this, the harsh reality is, the varnishing sparkling of AAP is in danger for the upcoming election

Arvind Ashish Khetan
Source: India Today

The other party leader uses the opportunity and makes AAP in a doomed zone. Both eX-party members congratulated, bid good wishes and grace to AAP for their support and love. But no one can deny from the fact that “मझधार में नईयां छोड़ गए तुम भईया”!

Whether AK (Arvind Kejriwal) shows or not, but the grief is irrevocable for him. As the time and situations are neither correct nor his trustee people supporting him.

Now, this is question time about the fate of AAP. Will the void lead to sympathy vote bank or a loss in the 2019 election or what?


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