The modern day Epic – Late Jayalalitha in a nutshell

The land of an ancient language. The land down under. The land of two-party politics. The land of Rajinikanth. The land known as TamilNadu is a vast and diverse state known for various reasons and one of it is its politics.

For Decades together two parties have held the reigns almost never consecutively. It happened once when a legendary -actor turned politician became the CM consecutively and the rules that govern the land did not allow him to pursue any further and he breathed his last.

Fate had it that his protegee goes through the same way. A woman made of mettle. Strong and sensitive she broke the barriers society had used to constrain women.

A beautiful woman with a brilliant mind is a rare combination. This woman was both beautiful, brilliant and brave.

Life kept knocking her down and she never backed down. At two she lost her father, at 22 her mother, at 32 her mentor and yet she came back with vibrancy and vitality like none other.

Disrobed in the sanctity of the Parliament she became the picture of every woman’s plight. The blind king sat in his throne and ignored justice and paved the path towards an epic war.

Every war that began with humiliating a woman saw that it is she who wins in the end. Be in the Mahabharata or Modern day politics.

She vowed to never step in the parliament until she is the one holding the reins and she came back stronger than ever, not as a woman but as a Mother. A Queen.

The blind King with his enormous army fought back but in vain. Years passed by she held the reins 5 times and the 6th proved fatal. Just like her mentor, she became the CM for the second time consecutively and Karma decided to play it’s Trump card. She died a Queen.

The two-party politics has come to a stand still as none know what is coming next. The land of several legends amidst storms and cyclones is searching for a ray of sunshine.

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