The Enterprising Story Of Boxwala!

I happened to have an interesting face-to-face conversation with Mr. Anurag Adukia. Mr. Adukia is founder of ‘Boxwala’ . Confused What Boxwala is about? So was I , So here is what Boxwala does, “ Packaging and Printing! Who doesn’t need packaging and printing? Everyone wants to sell their goods and products but for that they all need us. Once the product is ready, that’s when people remember us!” laughed Anurag.

So Anurag completed BMS in the year 2010 after which he wanted to head to UK for further studies but somehow ended up in the packaging industry. Anurag’s father has a raw material packaging business(used for manufacturing corrugated boxes) but he started a separate packaging business himself, So July 2010 he passed out of college and September 2010 he started his entrepreneurial journey!

I asked him how difficult his journey has been for him, sipping his lemon tea Anurag answered with an inquisitive look “ Well there were lot of ups and downs, initially there was a co-founder along with me who backed out, also initially making a mark was definitely a big task but today when I look back from the time when we started in 2010 at a 500 sq. ft. facility to today are 2000 sq. ft. facility and after four months we will be moving to an 8000 sq. ft. facility, So I feel accomplished. My first major client the break through for us was Borosil. The purchase guy there told us “ you are too young, how will you manage this? ”, today we supply approx one and half lakh boxes a month. It was a major driving factor for our work!”

Major business Sector for Boxwala is the FMCG sector, their clients include big names like GM Modular Switches, Borosil, Arvind Brands. Apart from this 10% of the work is also for the hotel industry. Anurag mentioned that in hotel industry for packaging and printing people are taken for a ride whereas Boxwala gives cost effective solution that makes the client save 30% of the cost! “ We are doing it out of will”, said Anurag smiling. Their first client in hotel industry was Sweetish House Mafia and now they also cater Rajdhani, noodle Play, Falafel and Café Mangii to name a few! Anurag also added he loves food tech start ups being a Marwari and a foodie.

Anurag’s advice to the entrepreneurial crowd is that they should keep working hard, never loose focus! He told us there was a time when he himself used to run machines and today has employed so many people at his company! Great accomplishment isn’t it ? Well good news is that soon Boxwala will be starting their online E-comm portal for packaging! Till then you can contact Boxwala by tweeting @ boxwala_ and email them at :!

Thanks for taking out time for this interview. We wish you all great success and a bright future ahead!

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