The Enchanting Retreat Into Nature

To be one with nature is truly a blessing and a gift. There is nothing more rejuvenating than spending the day surrounded by a green cover, which embraces you and gives that serene aura. However, in current times, as we spend our day in the concrete world, surrounded by unclean environments filled with polluted air and dust ridden surfaces, we are drifting away from the connection with nature. It is becoming an elusive reality to be able to enjoy a walk amidst the greenery. It is for this exact reason that Nature retreats are fast becoming a much sought after a break from the bustle.

There are many reasons for which people choose a nature retreat. It could be to recuperate, to simply enjoy the wilderness, to be away from reality, to spend time introspecting, to regain health and wellness etc. It is definitely a huge source of revenue, providing job opportunities to serve the market with a large clientele base. Urban areas, where there are not many places to escape to, are becoming a major market for such retreats. People have the disposable income to be able to afford a few days’ stay, which could run up to thousands and even lakhs.

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Yoga, meditation, spas, wellness, health are just some of the wholesome activities that are being offered as part of the stay. Most nature retreats insist that the visitors deposit their gadgets with the staff before proceeding on with their scheduled stay. This is done to ensure an uninterrupted experience to be close to nature and revel in the oneness of the spirit. The stay includes a diet that is provided based on individual health requirements, activities according to fitness levels and age, basic amenities such as a room to stay with minimalistic clothing and other necessities.

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Such retreats are springing up all over the country and are frequented by people who lead lives on the verge of a breakdown. Doctors are recommending such stays as it helps those who visit, keep calm and find mental balance. It is a much-needed time off from the reality that is fast slipping away from their hands. It is truly a unique opportunity to slip into the deeper realms and listen to the voice inside surrounded by tranquillity and solitude.

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