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Well, the list is neverending, and so are shopping options. Over the years, the mode of shopping has continuously changed. We have seen people lurking from high-end brands to street vendors, from classy to quirky designs, from runway fashion trends to back to school trends. Not only the shoppers but the retailers have been successful in trendsetting. The fashion & lifestyle industry always came up with new marketing strategies for its buyers along with style statement.

Recently, we have seen a whole different phase of shopping. Serial shoppers have moved from malls to mobile stores, Pop-ups are the new boutiques. The retail market is changing faster and is getting inventive every day. These new retailers are all set to make predictions and strategies about the latest trends the market may come up with. The goal is to keep things trendy, quirky and fresh. We have rounded up the ingenious and chic innovations in our lifestyle, from shopping, eating and decorating.

As the retail experience changes, here are the new ways in which we’re paying customers.

Pop-Ups Are The New Cool

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When occasional trips to Zara and Forever New become a bit expensive, then pop-up bazaars are added as a monthly excursion for buyers. They are a winning idea for the shoppers and the retailers as the shoppers can browse through multiple stalls put up in one location and the retailers, on the other hand, can test a neighbourhood before plunging into the steep real estate. The pop-ups showcase the brands that you won’t find anywhere and promote unique designs. The market is exploring not only in clothing and accessories but also in eateries. The Lil Flea, The Grub Fest and Pop Up Bazaar have scaled the experience, featuring as many as 200 stalls.

Mobile Commerce

Myntra Fashion
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Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you wouldn’t have escaped the ever-growing breed of e-stores, tempting us with promotional emails, lurking on the peripheries of our Facebook walls and showing up via mobile texts. But interestingly, the e-commerce has shifted to mobile commerce as some of the brands have gone completely app-based like Myntra, Flipkart. This has undoubtedly made online shopping easier. The beauty products being sold through the app, Nykaa has also made the buying of cosmetics, including the international brands easier and cheaper.

DIY Buys

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Make your product and keep it too- that’s the philosophy of this new breed of retailers. The buyers are often asked to paint or design their own products at their pop-up stalls and then take it back home. You can also create your own DIY items like fashion and home decor pieces at home and sell at any craft festival. Armed with user-friendly instructions, DIY kits have now transcended their PG-13 status. Some of the top DIY kits in the market are Sky Goodies, DIY Meal Kits, and UBYLD.

Pampered By A Gift Box

Gift Box
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Built around the universal yet straightforward thrill of receiving a box filled with surprise treats every month, subscription boxes are the modern-day Santa Claus, and they come all year round. Offering curated boxes comprising of everything from jewellery to make-up to gourmet treats, the business of curated boxes has ensured everyone now has their fill. They come with a specific theme every month, and the price is also within the budget. Sugarbox, MSM Box, Fab bag, Bakebox are some of the subscription boxes worth trying for.

Carnival Shopping
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You should definitely try your hands on these changing buying and selling trends and experience the new phase of marketing.

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