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The E-Summit 2020 “Build for Billions”

The E-Summit 2020 “Build for Billions”, which is now right around the corner, taking place on the 10th and 11th of January 2020 – has an incredible set of events lined up for both the days guaranteeing it to be one of the biggest Entrepreneurship events of the season, one that you would surely not want to miss out on, brought to you by E-Cell Shiv Nadar University.

E-Summit 2020 “Build for Billions” has everything one could possibly think of -from having two extremely exciting and thrilling start-up competitions that will help transform you into a more skilled entrepreneur under the guidance of expert mentors and stiff competition from rival teams – with hefty cash prizes of 50,000 each – along with registration being free of cost for the competitions, it is almost a must for all budding entrepreneurs to sign up for them.

Entrepreneurship Cell Shiv Nadar University
Source: News Aur Chai

Xccelerate is an innovative and fun start-up simulation which will help you experience all the stages of building a start-up from ideating to selecting a term sheet from investors, ultimately culminating in a board room discussion, which would give all young entrepreneurs an idea of how to go about building their empire. Paradigm is a social hackathon that requires you to build a prototype to solve any valid business-related problem, which should have all the coders excited as a lump sum of money is on the line.

The line of speakers for the second day of the event ranges from Mr Sandeep Jain(Founder: GeeksforGeeks)to Mr Bhisham Bhateja(CoFounder: The Man Company). Hearing the stories behind their journey to making their start-ups reach great heights will surely inspire and help out all the entrepreneurs just starting out.

Entrepreneurship Cell Shiv Nadar University
Source: News Aur Chai

The event will also prove to be an effective and excellent way for networking with the right people as it will aid all the participants to form lasting connections with industry big wigs and competing entrepreneurs that will last beyond just these two days. It could also prove to be the right place for the right individual from the industry to catch the eye of your start-up and choose to fund it.

The sky is the limit for the reach E-Summit 2020 ‘Build for Billions’ has and thus missing out on this is not even an option!

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