The Age Of Heroic Art – Meet Bravin Xavier Fernandes

Dawning on us is the age of challenging masterpieces, revolutionary depictions and soulful artistries reflecting the realities of life. While some artists are masters in portraying life as ‘all things beautiful’, those who indulge themselves in the sing-song delicacies of nature, there are some who charm the world with their mystical darker side, in the sense that how beautifully are they always able to give a ruthless, strong structure to everything they curate. Bravin Xavier Fernandes is among the latter lot, or maybe, beyond them. His artwork questions the very  existence of  goodness and power.

The hardcore groundbreaking strokes and an eye for murky elements makes him stand out from the rest. All it takes is a mere look at his art to realize how magnificently important details are to him. A being from a parallel universe or a brute from a whole different land – Bravin creates it all.10343657_4320030775204_6358291862585936799_n

His artwork majorly revolves around heroic symbolisms and characters burning with inspiration. It is duly undeniable how Bravin’s art screams fantasy, screams heroism. Below is a candid interview with him about all things art:

  1. What was that one thing that inspired you to take up this artwork? 

As a kid, I was very fascinated by cartoons, such as batman and Superman the animated series, swat Kat’s, G.I. Joes and many more. Those were my core inspirations to take up doodling and sketching as a hobby which later I’d like to turn into my work.

  1. The best that you have experienced in this field? 

The best experience for me would be being appreciated for what I do. There’s nothing greater than that.IMG-20160526-WA0007

  1. What do you think of digital art? Have you done any?

Digital art is a very underestimated field. There are many who I know who say digital is much easier than traditional art. Yes, it does give you many resources but making use of them is quite a handful. As for me, I have done a bit of digital art. Some of the art I’ve submitted on this page is digital and done on Photoshop. It’s an area with a lot of potentials and a must try for anyone with a keen interest in art.

  1. Brief us a little about your past accomplishments.

I have taken part in many competitions in school but I haven’t been successful in all. However, recently I received a request from a comic book fan from Australia. He got my Slade vs. Wade Wilson piece tattooed on his arm. That’s quite an accomplishment for me. As for being featured, News aur Chai will be my first.IMG-20160526-WA0009

  1. Any artist that you look up to? What do you love about him/her?

Artists like Jim Lee, Jack Kirby and John Buscema are big inspirations for me as comic books are my bible for artwork. All of them have a different style and an attitude in the way they draw. The portrayal of emotions is spot on.

  1. What are your future plans relating to this field? 

I am pursuing BFA (Bachelor’s in Fine Arts) in game design and animation from an institute in Hyderabad which is a 4-year course. I aspire to be a concept artist after am done with my graduation.

  1. Any troubled experience that you learned from? 

There were certain childhood years of mine in which drawing was all I had and all I could turn to. It has always been like an invisible friend of mine, it’s a solace. Something I can never tire of.IMG-20160526-WA0011

  1. Who/what is your all-time favorite character/idea to sketch? 

Kratos the God of war was one of the characters I used to draw about every second day since I played the PlayStation 2 game God of war. All I could think of doing is keep drawing the same thing till I make a better rendition of it. The idea of a fight sequence was one of my favorite things to sketch.

  1. What, in your view, is a better way for an artist to succeed – being commercial or being artful? 

Being commercial is never a wise decision. Being artful is always something that makes you content at heart. It will give you success and satisfaction at the same time. Personally, I draw for the joy of it. I haven’t taken commissions for any of my art.

  1. Is there any message that you would like to deliver to our budding artists?

Be simple, be yourself and don’t try being someone else. Practice is the key. Learning can never stop in this field.IMG-20160526-WA0023

Hence, plummeting deep into a pool of ferociously beautiful renditions, Bravin, certainly, is not far from being the master of it all.

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