Arranged Marriages Vs Love Marriages

There is always a feud going on between arranged marriage and love marriage in our country. As Indians, we are supposed to frown upon love marriage. But how many of us actually feel so? Let us look at few of the funny comparisons between the two:

Love marriage: Two people meet, fall in love and live happily ever after!

Arranged Marriage: Two Families Meet and They Live Happily Ever After!

We Indians are very fond of arranged marriage!! Anything other than that is frowned up. We don’t allow our children to talk to strangers because we only allow them to marry strangers.


-Love marriage is a contract signed by you whereas arranged marriage is a contract signed by the whole team.

3In love marriage, you are the project head and you have to execute the project from the beginning till the implementation.

In arranged marriage you are the team member and your parents are the leaders and they are responsible for the execution.


In India the options single, taken, complicated are not allowed. The only option allowed is reserved for arranged marriage. Facebook should seriously consider adding this one.


When you try breaking the stereotype and you ask permission for a love marriage, this is what happens!

Well, India is developing in all means so let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish this would come to an end and we have the freedom to choose!

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