The Sweet Old Valentine

Valentine’s day is special to everyone be it a sixteen year old or sixty. This is the very emotion that “Kheer” the new addition to Terribly Tiny Talkies explores in their Valentine’s special.

The movie explores love in various flavours that it exists in the different relationships in our lives. In its approximately 7minutes runtime “Kheer” is able to bring in a tinge of nostalgia while pointing out to an age old taboo which still exists in our society.

Anupam Kher is brilliant as ever in his performance while Natasha Rastogi Stuti Dixit & Abhimanyu Chawla add their sparkling performances.

Director Surya Balakrishnan is crisp in his presentation of an enduring tale of love in its various forms with the sweetness of kheer that lingers on for a long time! A must watch just for the sake of love!

The film has already become viral on social media and has garnered around 8.5 lakh views. Watch it here:

You can follow the Facebook page of Terribly Tiny Tales here.

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