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Google, a gigantic company since 1998 raised from software to self-driving cars. Under Alphabet Inc. a holding company, Google is the largest subsidiary that includes Google Search, Maps, YouTube, AdSense, and other Android-related services like Google Play store. During the phase of Alphabet Inc. becoming the holding company, it appointed new CEOs for the companies owned by them. In which, Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided Sundar Pichai as CEO for Google, Susan Wojcicki for YouTube and Diane Greene for Cloud. But Sundar Pichai alone is the executive to carry a whole and sole responsibility to receive weekly, quarterly financial reports of Google product streams.

With the rise of Google, Alphabet Inc. broke all the revenue records and is the world’s second-largest Information technology company by revenue. The recent documents submitted to CNBC and US Security Exchange Commission (SEC) says Alphabet has published its details about the overall structure, its business and how the decisions are made over all the dozen businesses. Observing Larry Page’s response to the complicated corporate structure, SEC has a granular look to understand in every bit.

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The Interesting Insights regarding the authority and decisions on various business are:


Every weekly, quarterly financial report, operational reports, capital expenditures headcount of Google products areas including YouTube, advertising and hardware are reported to Sundar Pichai.

Neither Larry Page nor his co-founder receives the reports that are sent to Sundar Pichai. For example, Page wouldn’t receive reports that showed YouTube’s versus Google Cloud’s profitability.

He has rights to commit to any investments, Mergers & Acquisitions, licensing, capital expenditure decisions, real estate, partnership, revenue generating agreements related to Google, without the approval of Larry Page.

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In the same way, Except Google, he has no other rights or authority to decide beyond that, i.e., he has no say in Alphabet Inc. business or other Bets. He neither receives any of the financial information regarding Alphabet resource allocation nor he addresses any decision making power.

According to SEC, the document provided by Alphabet is finally considered though it’s been asked since 2015.