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SugarArt – A Story Of A Home-Based Baker

A young entrepreneur, Japman Kaur Sethi, started her home-based bakery in 2017. A Political science graduate from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, while pursuing her Masters decided to try her hands in baking and became a certified craft baker.

1. How was the response from people in the initial phase of your cake making? Do people prefer buying home-based bakery items?

As you know, every startup takes time, and so was the case with me. At the initial stage, people were attracted to my cakes, but it took me a while to get connected with more customers as there is much competition in the area of home-based baking.

In general, people do prefer home-based bakery item because it can be customised as per their requirement. Besides, people find home-based bakery more hygienic and trustworthy.

2. What about the varieties that you offer and what is the secret ingredient in the menu that attracts people?

We have a wide variety to offer such as sugarfree cakes, vegan cakes, eggless cakes, fruity flavour cakes and chocolate cakes.

Freshness is the secret ingredient which attracts people. I don’t make and store cakes. Each cake is made the same day and delivered that very day.

SugarArt - A Story Of A Home-Based Baker
Source: SugarArt’s Instagram Page

3. We have heard that you have specialised in eggless baking and you make vegan cakes too. How is the demand for vegan cakes?

Vegan is not an Indian concept. We have borrowed it from western culture. I think in India we have only 5% of the population who has given up dairy products and turned vegan. So the demand for eggless is more as compared to vegan cakes. I do have orders for vegan cakes very often, but it is restricted to the same people ordering again and again.

4. Who or what inspired you towards baking?

I always had an interest in cooking. I loved making desserts, too, since I was 15 years old. I used to help my mother to prepare sweet dishes whenever there used to be dinner or lunch for guests in our house. Soon after graduation, I came across an advertisement in the newspaper for a baking course focussed on empowering women. I thought of trying my hands on baking, and thereafter magic began, which led to the emergence of SugarArt.

5. SugarArt is a different name. What made you choose this name for your startup?

I chose this name because my art is not restricted to baking cakes. I love working with Sugar and creating desserts of every and any kind.

6. Where do you see SugarArt in next five years and how do you plan to achieve it?

I see myself as a better and improved baker in the next five years as I believe learning never ends be it any field. I have plans to do a couple of more courses related to baking in the near future to enhance my skills further.

Source: SugarArt’s Instagram Page

7. What all hinderance you had to face during the initial stage and has it reduced?

My cakes were a little expensive due to fine ingredients involved. This created a slight hindrance in my career growth as the price of a product always plays a vital role in its sales irrespective of its quality. However, with time this hindrance became a strength as people realised the worth of my cakes and were ready to pay even a little more for freshly baked cakes.

8. Who has been your backbone throughout the journey?

My sisters and friends have always been my backbone. They have always promoted SugarArt and motivated me to do better each day.

9. Any tips from your end for people aspiring to enter cake baking?

Practice and patience are the keys to success in the field of baking. Also, an excellent baker never compromises on the quality of the cakes he/she bakes. True magic begins when quality combines with the love for baking.

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