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Sufiyum Sujathayum: Love Story That Is All Heart But Lacks Depth

Filled with mysticism and music, Sufiyum Sujathayum is a love story based on angst aired on Amazon Prime. If you’re looking for a great tale of romance or are hoping to encounter plot twists, this isn’t the right movie for you. The plot is evident from the beginning, and there are very few surprises, if any till the end. The conclusion is obvious and expected. However, despite certain loopholes, the movie doesn’t wholly lack appeal. It’s just that for a film that portrays an inter-religious romance, it doesn’t live up to the kind of potential such a plot has.

A young girl, Sujatha falls in love with Sufi, whose real name is never revealed, a visiting student of the local village priest but is forced to marry someone else. Played by the charming Dev Mohan, Sufi instantly captures your eye with his mysterious appeal and abilities.

The beautiful Aditi Rao Hydari who manages to give a good performance as the mute Sujatha seems somewhat restricted at times. There are very few instances when she uses sign language to communicate (which is the only way she can), but most of the scenes depend on her expressions and body language- which are quite lacking at times.

The relationship between the two titular characters, despite being the central focus of the film, really doesn’t feel very deep. There is a scene where a stubborn Sujatha is heading toward Sufi, willing to abandon her parents to be with him when after her father creates a scene, she simply turns back and enters the house again. Sufi, who you would expect to be emotionally distraught at this point, simply shakes his head and heads back home.

You would think two inseparable lovers, whose love transcends beyond time and space would have a stronger reaction.

Jaya Surya, who plays Sujatha’s husband Rajeev, is the one you’ll be taking home with you. He plays the typical grumpy beast with a heart of gold, and the actor has nailed his performance. Despite being unhappy with his marriage and at times portrayed as bitter and frustrated, Rajeev strives to do whatever he possibly can to make his wife happy, even if it means taking her back to see Sufi one last time.

Sufiyum Sujathayum has some delightful musical numbers, all of which are composed by M. Jayachandran, especially ‘Vathikallu Vellaripravu’.

On the whole, Sufiyum Sujathayum is good for a one-time watch, but lacks the depth it could have had with a more substantial plot and in-depth characters.

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