Students: The New Pawns For Politics?

Students are doors for a brighter future; taking advantage of them will only cause further problems. The first student protest took place on April 18, 1989. After the funeral of a communist leader in China, thousands of students marched in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, to protest the oppressive communist government. One may question, why do these students need to get involved in petty issues of governmental matters? Well, the simplest answer to that is the future belongs to them, why not get involved when something strikes you?

On December 16 2019, BJP spokesperson, Sambit Patra had stated that the opposing parties are using students to further their own political agenda. Well, what do you think about this?

First of all, though there might be a hidden agenda of an opposition party, the ruling party making a mistake is trying to push the focus on the others. However, ultimately, students always have a reason to make the decisions they stand for. The ruling government were on a downward spiral, and it seems like the students were the only ones with their wits about them!

Speaking of hidden agendas, there may be many a time when the opposition may have a chance to use them. It is not uncommon in our country for political parties themselves to instigate violence in many educational institutes for their political advances. Sometimes one may cross paths with fake students whose sole purpose is to disrupt the harmony. Other times, students may be directly involved with the opposition because they believe that a particular party’s ideas are what should be exercised in the country.

When there is an alternative solution to a common problem, it is more likely that people will turn to that solution–no matter the opposition party or the significance of being used. Students stood for one opinion, and that opinion is different from what the ruling government had in mind.

Students: The New Pawns For Politics?
Source: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s Instagram Page

Yes, students can be viewed as pawns in the overall agenda of the opposition party, but what do other authoritative group holds against them? It is almost like the good cop/bad cop scenario. Would someone turn to people who don’t understand them or those who not only understand but stick up along and fight for the same injustices and inequalities faced! Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra sat in, a ‘symbolic protest’ at the India Gate against police action during students’ protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act in Jamia Milia Islamia at the national capital and the Aligarh Muslim University in Uttar Pradesh. She is from the opposition, but she is taking her stand amongst thousands of people who feel the same. Now it can be either a written political script or a genuine concern.

On the other hand, the opposition cannot always rely on students to be the new battleground for them. Many people only fight during reckless situations; they don’t fight continuously, because of which students can’t always be relied upon by the political parties. It all comes down to where their loyalties lie. If students are intentionally involved, they become allies of the parties; if they take up a name in the spirit of protests and acts of violence, the reputation of the parties will be ruined. Party members have to be wise in appealing to the youth because of the ideologies and belief systems that tie them all together.

Students: The New Pawns For Politics?
Source: Pexels

When a shared belief and understanding is present, the roads become a battleground for students. All they need is one wrong move to rally themselves up, after all, they are the kings (and queens) of the land, and no one can tell them what to do!

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