Sometimes Music Helps To Bring Out Your Emotions – List Of Heartbreak Songs

”Mahobbat karna humare bs me nhi h per us mahobbat se durr chle Jana vo humare bs me hai…”

Love is neither conquered nor achieved.

Love is like a gust of air that can even make a banyan tree fall and consequently when this love breaks, it leaves you shattered. Your heart breaks into a million pieces making it difficult for you to face the world. Always wondering over the question- “Why did you give up on me when you loved me ?” Heartbreaks hurt even more than physical pain. It destroys you from inside. It kills you. The days seem extremely long. And thanks to our talented musicians and singers who had the courage and passion for composing and singing heartbreak songs when every part of your body is broken. And sometimes music helps to bring out your emotions.

So some of them topping the list are:

#1: Channa Mereya

A song which surely brings tears falling down your eyes. It highlights the concept of selfless love and how for one’s happiness you are ready to go any limits. And with Arijit Singh singing this, it brings in the required feel. Interestingly the song seems to celebrate break up, although the emotions are bizarre yet relatable and heart touching.

“Andhera tera maine le liya
 Mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya.

Mehfil me teri hum naa rahe jo
 Gham toh nahi hai, gham toh nahi hai
 Qisse humare nazdeekiyon ke
 Kam to nahi hai, kam to nahi hai….

#2: Love will tear us apart

Joy Division by this songs states that we are simple human beings, made and shattered by small moments and powerless and fragile against the wave of emotions. It gives the listeners the mixed feeling of pleasure and pain when in thrall with some other being.

” And we’re changing our ways Taking different roads”

#3: Stay

Should I stay or leave? – doesn’t always require a yes or no answer but it surely throws you down the memory lane bringing back the tide of emotions.

This song by Zedd and Alessia-Cara is heart touching, making you wonder the existence of your own self and wanting the other person to be there for you every time.

” All you have to do is

Stay a minute”

#4: A Million Reasons

Lady Gaga after her breakup with Taylor Kinney was seen working on her new album- Joanne. So fitting this album aptly, the song- A million reasons was composed. The album was about crying, mourning and the emotion of coming back together. It tells the feel of dumping someone, the horrifying decision one has to take.

“You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go”

” Baby I just need one good one to stay.” – the ending on an unfortunate truth.

#5: Jag Soona Soona Laage

When you don’t have that single person by your side in spite of others being there, the world seems lonely. It seems to have lost the meaning.

This old yet melodious song by the king of heartbreaking songs, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan brings tears whenever you listen.

” Yeh Kyun Hota Hai Jab Yeh Dil Rota Hai Royen Sisak Sisak Ke Hawaayein”

Well, the list is never ending.

So just to list a few more of them can be –

  •  Baate ye kabhi Na – Arijit Singh
  •  Sunn raha h Na tu – Ankit Tiwari
  •  Tu hai ki nahi – Ankit Tiwari
  •  Tune mere Jana kabhi nahi Jana – Rohan Rathore
  •  Meri maa – KK
  •  Tere Jaise yaar kaha – Kishore Kumar

(Not necessarily the love is for other sex but for anyone, be it your friend or family member or even your love for an animal)

  • Tadap Tadap ke iss dil ki – KK and Dominique Cerejo
  •  Jeena Jeena – Atif Aslam

Some other from Hollywood can be:

  • Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
  •  Love Hurts – Nazareth
  • What Becomes of the Brokenhearted – Jimmy Ruffin
  • What hurts the most – Rascal Flatts
  • I don’t wanna live forever – Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift
  • A thousand years – Christiana Perri

Heartbreaks are natural and so is crying and sulking. It leaves you isolated both physically and mentally. All you have to do is deal with it positively.

” Mohabbat thi,

Adhoori to rahegi

Zindagi hai,

Chalti to rahegi”

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