Snapchat VS Instagram & Whatsapp Stories

It seems to be that every medium of social media is a clone of another today. There are many features that are copied and implemented from one to another. Looking into the parent company of Instagram and WhatsApp, it is clearly a calculated effort by Facebook to hold on to the users of the aforesaid platforms, which is ever expanding as opposed to its own user base that is dwindling.

The first in the game of such features happen to be Snapchat. The other two have copied the Snapchat story feature. It has been reasoned that the basic “format” has been adopted and that it is universal in usage. However, it is clearly a tactic that has been put in place to compete against a very specific offering by a competitor.

When we look at the user base, people who expect a basic messenger service primarily use WhatsApp. Those using WhatsApp do not use it for the purpose of updating and documenting their every move. It is fundamentally used for communication. Instagram is more of an archive and a photo-sharing platform. It is used by those who seek to share memories and day-to-day happenings with regular posts. The reach is wider through Instagram. On the other hand, Snapchat is used with the motive of the living in the moment. Capturing the current status quo, not for long time storage. Snapchat is known for its quick display of content that disappears later.

Having delved into this, the story feature that is being newly introduced and blatantly replicated is just a means by which the parent company of the two platforms to chip into the market share of users enjoyed by Snapchat.

Which is better of all the three can be answered by addressing whether the platforms serve the purpose for which they are being used.

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