Skoobs: The café in the middle of a casino!

It is Saturday night and my friends force me to come to an amazing casino in Johannesburg. Monte Casino, the go-to place on weekends! For an introverted extrovert (yes, we exist!), the hustle and bustle of people clicking selfies and gambling their hearts out can be a little annoying especially when there is a café right in the middle of the casino where I would rather spend my time.

Ah, Skoobs to the rescue then! Skoobs is a bookstore with a café or a café with a bookstore; however you want to view it! What better than grab a book with a cup of coffee and get into the author’s mind?

Aptly named ‘The Theatre of Books’, Skoobs is the perfect place to relax yourself with a good read. Food options include muffins, cakes, biscuits, and macarons. Complement that with hot chocolate, a cappuccino or a green tea, and you have the perfect recipe for an hour long or two of a reading session!

There are snack platters available for around R45 (~ र225) is reasonably prices and is great for a quick meal when you want to read a short story while your friends are out in the casino playing a game of bowling.

Of course, there is always more than what meets the eye and if you venture a bit into the café, you will notice that the staircase that leads upstairs is the getaway to a champagne bar where you can have a bottle or two of a beer or if you’re feeling a bit fun then a bottle of red wine, maybe?

How does an evening with thousands of books along with a great café sound to you? Well, for me it is a win-win situation when you feel like reading in the hyper-active casino! I’m sure you would love to visit this café if you’re in Johannesburg.

Don’t tell me that I didn’t tell you about this fancy place!

Rupak Hattikudur

A software engineer by profession, I am fond of writing, wildlife, and pizza in no particular order. An AIESEC alumni, I am currently the President of a Rotaract club where I am involved in social activities which I deeply care about.

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