“Satisfaction of doing theatre is priceless” – Shyam Bhimsaria

Writing plays, directing them, also acting in ads, plays, films & serials, Award-winning writer-director of 2014, Mr Shyam Bhimsaria is back with their new play Birju Ka Chautha Grahak & today with us for a small interview.

Misha: Welcome to ViralKivi Sir.

Shyam: Thanks, it’s always a pleasure to be with you guys.

Misha: When we last spoke, you & your team were on high after some successful shows of One Coin Please. So, what’s now that you are offering?

Shyam: Our next play Birju Ka Chautha Grahak.

Misha: Name is very interesting. Please tell us, how different is Birju Ka Chautha Grahak from your earlier works?

Shyam: In terms of passion, hard work & efforts put in, it’s not at all different. Yes, One Coin Please was a satire & a comic take on the struggling actors in Mumbai, whereas Birju Ka Chautha Grahak is about the emotional & comic situations in prostitutes life.

Misha: You mean something like Mandi?

Shyam: Ha ha ha… that was an epic. As brothel is the epicentre of both Mandi & our play, the comparison is obvious. But trust me nothing more than that.

Misha: Tell us more on Birju Ka Chautha Grahak.

Shyam: Birju Ka Chautha Grahak is about few prostitutes at Chanda Bai’s Waadi (Brothel). Against the Pimp Birju’s wish, they toy with an idea of reading their customer’s mind to spice up their routine life. What emotions & funny situations they face during this adventure, Birju Ka Chautha Grahak is all about.

Misha: So..Its a serious play.

Shyam: No… Not at all.

Misha: Comedy?

Shyam: Its play full of drama, emotions & Masti.

Misha: Ohh..ok. Like your earlier play One Coin Please, does this have songs too??

Shyam: In India we have songs for all the occasions. From birth to death. & Birju Ka Chautha Grahak is no different. There are 2 songs in it. 1st is Yaad aaye swaad mujhe…It’s a very naughty number & gives that very desi feel. Our female actors will sing this song live. Besides this, there is a classical based song Mann Padhna Hai. I must add that our music team Khalid, Adam, Swapnil & Sudesh have done a fabulous work. Dance Master Ravi Bhaiya aka Guruji is taking care of the dances & steps.

Misha: Pyaaz Ke Chhilke, Award-winning “One Coin Please”, Birju Ka Chauth Grahak…& then…

Shyam: Pitaah & Akbar De-coded. But Birju & One Coin Please will go on.

Misha: So…what about your acting career in films…??

Shyam: I am not too keen on doing films. If I get… they are more than welcome. As I did a Cameo in AR Murugadoss film AKIRA & Ramesh Sharma/Anil Mattoo film SHUKLA STREET. I am also playing the main villain in JISM SE JAAN TAK. So…. they are there, but the direction is the main focus.

Misha: Where do you get the inspiration for your original playwrights…??

Shyam: My Spandan Theatre team. They are my gems. I am whatever little I am, it’s because of them.

Misha: Hindi Theatres is a dying art. What steps are you taking to keep it alive?

Shyam: By Doing it. I know there are lots of expenses & very little income. But that’s the last thing that comes to our minds as the satisfaction of doing theatres itself is priceless. I know some actors wanting to do theatres since a decade or so, but not able to.

Misha: Why?

Shyam: Maybe it’s too taxing initially… & then it’s not just acting or directing. One also needs to horn his/her management skill to be a part of the theatre. Collaborated form of art … you see.

Misha: Happy…??

Shyam: Else I would not be doing this.

Misha: When are you making your own movie?

Shyam: Talks are on. Let’s see what God has written for me.

Misha: All the best to you & your entire unit & May Birju Ka Chautha Grahak be a grand success as your earlier works. & Thank you so much for your precious time.

Shyam: My pleasure.

Have a look at the video teaser of Birju Ka Chautha Grahak:


Birju Ka Chautha Grahak

Written & Directed by: Shyam Bhimsaria

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Date: 10th October, Saturday, Time: 7.30 pm

Venue: Sophia Bhabha Hall, Breach Candy.

Tickets: / 022-42085050

For corporate inquiries: 9322217219

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