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These Musicians Soulful Composition Is Beating Virus Blues

The three musketeers are back, and this time with beats and notes full of hopes and positivity. After all, this is what we need in this grave situation.

Srinath, Sameel, and Debarpan of Green Room Tapes have shared their experience and journey of music and upcoming song. A citizen engagement platform of Government, approached green room tapes, to share their work on the website. With the kick and encouragement of this initiative by the Government, they decided to create their own composition and a music video at their respective homes. As it might seem, it was more than challenging for these guys to do it individually from their homes while one of the guys is in the US.

They were skeptical as a lot of technical aspects can hinder the quality of the song, especially when they have very little set up at home.

They did face a lot of hurdles in the making of the song. However, nevertheless, on April 17, they released ‘Ghangor Ghata,’ a beautiful melody composed by them where each word and beats in the song resembles optimism. Happy with the work, the Government has also released the song on their social media platforms.

Debarpan wrote the song in just a day. Words are simple, understandable, yet effective. With Liboy Praisly as the lead guitarist of the song and Sameel on the tabla, the song truly became a wholesome. On asked upon their motive behind the song, they explained how the current COVID-19 situation impacts everyone. Loneliness and depression has become a common state of mind because of the inability to spend the day as usual. So they came up with an idea to do this specifically to fight back the present situation.

One of the guys said, “Not just lighting candles but lighting the hope in our mind and heart is more important.” Music can soothe any mind; this song and their music does the job very well.

The musicians also shared the short story behind the name green room tapes, when they started with their journey they recorded the songs in a room painted in green which belongs to Srinath. Slowly the guys got recognized with their music, and it was a green room. This idea of green room made more sense because an artists share their most inevitable moments right before their performance in the green room.

These musicians have performed live in various cities. You can enjoy some of their best songs on their channel. They are about to reach a million views in a concise span of time.

In the upcoming months, they are going to upload a lot of soulful music. All we need to do is sit back and enjoy.

These musicians have sent the message to all their listeners,” Stay home and stop the spread of the virus. We all can fight it together. Let the art inside you bloom.”

We at News Aur Chai believe it too.

Avani Vijayvergiya

Avani Vijayvergiya is a writer at News Aur Chai. An Engineer by day and a writer by night. She currently works at Decimal Technologies Pvt Ltd. She is an inquisitive mammal trying to find herself in everything she does. She is also associated with many NGO’s.

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