Reliance Jio-Qualcomm 5G Network Deal

On October 20th, Reliance Jio announced that it will jointly work with US-based Qualcomm to develop an open and interoperable interface compliant architecture for 5G mobile internet in India. The 5G network would lead India into a new era of superfast internet connectivity, aiming to offer speed up to 1 Gbps.

According to reports, India currently has an active user base of whooping 420.7 million users who consumes 12 GB data per month on an average.

The deal between Qualcomm and Jio is going to be a trendsetter for the internet hungry marketers. Jio holds the majority share of the telecom sector presently with over 400 million user base.

Currently, only a few countries have rolled 5G networks in the market. By the help of this contract, India will stand in line with countries like Australia, Germany, the United States of America, South Korea and Switzerland.

However, the Indian government is expected to announce the allotment of spectrum for 5G network in early 2021. Mobile companies like One Plus, Samsung, Apple have already launched the 5G versions of their mobile devices. However, that is mostly in the premium segment as of now.

Reliance Jio in partnership with Google is developing affordable 4G and 5G android based smartphones for the Indian market, which will give access to a significant segment of the society. Enhancement in speed will not only help the digital market but also help new players to get into the online world.

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