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You must have heard of biogas and must have studied it during your school days. You must be well aware of the technology. But you must’ve thought, this technology is so rural, it can only be implemented in villages, that it is only a technology for the poor, that it is impossible to find biogas plants in cities. What if I tell you that you can get a plant installed in your society, get your waste managed efficiently without having to pay the whiny

What if I tell you that you can get a plant installed in your society, get your waste managed efficiently without having to pay the whiny jhaduwalas, not have those stinking BMC garbage trucks wander around in your locality, get your gas supply for free along with enjoying hot water in your batch without having to worry about your electricity bill? This is what I, and my group of friends aim at achieving, through our “Biogas Energy Service Model”, which we have developed at our college Rajiv Gandhi Institute of technology, Mumbai.

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“Biogas in Mumbai? You must be kidding me, I’ve only seen it in villages wherein they feed the plant with bullshit.” That goes everyone’s reaction upon hearing about our project. But that’s far from reality. The field of renewable energy is vast. There is generally a misconception about utilising renewable energy resources, in that they just look good on paper, but are impossible or rather costly to implement in practice. This is the very thing, the very misconception we mean to clear up by showcasing the feasibility of our project.

Biogas energy service model aims at developing a complete service system along with the implementation of a mere biogas plant in your society. You don’t have to worry about segregating your wet and dry waste and carry it all the way down to the plant. We’ll do that for you. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your plant, we’ll do that for you.

Upon having a talk with the Goregaon west P South Ward corporators Mr Harsh Patel, plans for implementation of this project are already at go. For, along with the above-mentioned benefits, the issues faced by pipeline gas, will be eliminated by the biogas plant set up in each society. For every biogas plant set up in a society, free gas can be provided to everyone without worrying about the fitting of pipeline gas.

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This is an advantage which would help eliminate the dangerous aspects of transporting gas from one place to another. The recent explosion due to an improper gas pipeline at Andheri east is a witness to how dangerous pipeline gas can be. At least 25 people were injured and two killed. The agencies involved in laying the pipes to transport compressed natural gas (CNG) across the city have laid it within the same duct as your water supply, power supply and telephone lines in complete violation of government regulations.

This, you won’t have to worry about after installing biogas in your society. It is a clean and efficient fuel generated from your own waste. Apart from this, biogas can also be used as a fuel in cars, and installation of special biogas petrol pumps across highways which would utilise the gas generated by villagers and farmers living around the area is something which would prove to be a boon for our farmers. Generating biodiesel from biogas is also an innovative technology which uses special algal populations. Not to mention the landfill issues that would be resolved by treating waste at the source. Nobody wants another Deonar incident right?

For our project to get implemented, we have applied in a competition initiated by the CMO of Maharashtra which aims at bringing together solutions for developing sustainable, greener and smarter cities. This competition “Transform Maharashtra” has an online voting system via Facebook, so we really need all your support towards our project for it to get implemented so that we can work towards making our cities as well as villages better and improving the lives of everyone. Complete details of our idea and the presentation can be found on the link mentioned below. Please do vote for our team INFURZA (Standing for Infinite Energy!)Link to vote:-

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