Why Introverts Are Happy, And Extroverts Are Sad During Quarantine?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, people are urged to quarantine and avoid community gatherings as this is the only way to break the chain and prevent the virus from spreading. While introverts are having the time of their lives tucked in their homes, extroverts are getting restless with each passing day. Here are the reasons why:

Social Distancing

Quarantined in your home, laying on the couch, and ogling at the television or Netflix with a steaming cup of coffee, is indeed a dream of introverts. However, for extroverts, keeping away from regular contact with people can be stressful and build up anxiety.

Restriction on social gatherings, closing down on malls, cinema halls, restaurants, tourist spots, schools, colleges, offices might be a godsent opportunity for introverts but nothing short of a nightmare for extroverts.

Now the introverts do not need to wrack their brains to invent excuses to cancel those weekend plans or put up a smiling face when introduced to long-forgotten relatives in parties. However, for extroverts, it’s the joy of connection that energizes them and keeps them going. Surely they are asking themselves “I can definitely work from home, but can I keep my sanity while doing so?”

Change in Lifestyle

Introverts are having a gala time given the fact that they hardly need to make any significant change in their lifestyles. They can go on about their lives without feeling conscious or apprehensive about being judged.

Unfortunately, quarantine is not a similar cakewalk for extroverts. Daily group discussions, gossip sessions have to be replaced by video calls, gallivanting across town have to alter by playing online games, and the craving for a second voice is to satiate by switching to Audiobooks. While they struggle to cope up with all these new changes and still miss that touch or connection, introverts are pretty happy in their cosy world going old-school or playing with furry friends.

Energy Levels

Curled in a pillow fortress in the fetal position or being engrossed in a book help to rejuvenate the introvert energy levels. Staying in their small peaceful space is like meditation for them–a healing touch, a tranquillizer. Getting free pass and ample time for that during quarantine is indeed a blessing in disguise.

Contrary to them, the energy levels of extroverts are nourished in a lively, bustling, active atmosphere. Without that their energy levels tend to fluctuate–either they droop down, become unproductive, their patience wears off, or they are so full of unchanneled energy that may seem to burst out.

They are like a leashed Husky who has been denied physical activity. Extroverts need to seek ways to boost their morale or channelize stored up energy by engaging in exercise or similar activities.

Brain Stimulation

Extroverts’ brains are less sensitive to dopamine compared to introverts. Dopamine is the brain chemical that induces pleasure and reward. Extroverts, therefore, need more stimulation to activate this dopamine and be energized, which socializing provides them. Thus they need to indulge in activities that would help them brainstorm like finding a new project, volunteering on a hotline, creating a routine, regularly connecting with friends and family virtually.

Luckily for introverts, their brains can be easily appeased with their comfort works, and they do not need to go through this.

Whether you like being quarantined or not, health and responsibility come first and adapting to challenging situations is the key to survival.

Aishani Sarkar

An ardent literature lover with my mind constantly travelling through far-off unexplored worlds. A lover of languages and cultures--the sweetest language in the world being my mother-tongue. Chasing the Northern Lights...taking one step closer. My pen is my sword. #BongAtHeart

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