PUBG – Next in the ban game

Recently, a ban was imposed on the TikTok app and after that, both Apple and Google have blocked the download from Apple and Play Store. The reason for this ban was not just the sexually harassing content that was found on the app, but also how the app was distracting the youth of India. The users of India did not only waste their time on the app but put their life at stake while trying to complete some trending challenges.

But the point being, TikTok was not the only app doing this to the youth of India. Another such app is the game app PUBG. PUBG that stands for ‘PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds’ is a multiplayer battle game which is played online. It is developed and published by PUBG Corporation, an auxiliary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game was released on 23 March 2017 and gained a lot of popularity among the youth.

This is not just about the game, but how this game is affecting the people who play it. Along with addiction, this game is also ruining the mind of the people who play it. We have gathered some incidences in India which shows us how this game is a bad influence on everyone’s mind:

-> In Telangana, a 20-year-old young boy played the game continuously for 45 days and died from severe neck pain.
-> A 10th class student in Hyderabad, committed suicide after his mom took his phone and scolded him for playing PUBG for too long.
-> A Delhi teen, who killed his whole family, was said to be addicted to PUBG.
-> Two people, who were engaged in playing PUBG near railway tracks, were run over by a train in Hingoli district in Maharashtra.
-> A guy in Madhya Pradesh was so busy playing PUBG that he drank acid thinking of it as water.

These are just a few incidences, there are many more you can find. Keeping in mind all these points, Gujarat banned PUBG in the state and arrested a lot of people who were caught playing it. Even the Nepal government is seeking a ban on the game.

A game is for just entertainment, but if it is affecting people in such a way, then it should be banned as soon as possible or we’ll end up having a nation full of such people who won’t think twice before doing the crime. But is the ban enough for improving the condition of the nation or do we need to take some more strict actions?

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