“Prithika Yashini- First Transgender To Be A Police Official

A Gender is just a way of a characteristic which is socially constructed based on physical appearance. And no other thing that differs from another being.

Here is one of the proudest moments to our nation. Out of 1.34 Billion populations, there is more than 1.6 Lakh transgender. Many of us have a different vision when we see or hear about them. But this should also be in one’s head that, they are proving themselves of what they’re capable of with all their success stories.

One of them is “K. PRITHIKA YASHINI”.

She was born as a son to his family named as “PRADEEP KUMAR” IN 1990.She had varied feelings from childhood, she played and befriend with girls, felt uncomfortable to use boys restrooms which resulted in mocking from all boys in the class. He was scared and requested a transgender community to take him in, but they refused. Having no other choice finally, he had to tell his parents in 2011 that their son is a transgender person. Instead of supporting as a pillar, his own family did not accept the truth. Pradeep aka Yashini was taken to astrologers, treatments, many psychologists, counseling and what not. She understood no one could understand neither her parents nor doctors, what exactly being a transgender go through. She left her home and shifted to Chennai from Salem and got sex change operation with help of another transgender community. Worked as hostel warden, at NGO, at hospitals for insufficient salaries where her life was too difficult for the house, work, and food. At last, after talking to many people, realizing there child not to suffer as every other transgender does, Yashini’s parents accepted her after long 2 years.

Here begins Prithika Yashini’s lifetime achievement. From her very childhood, she always aimed to be a Police officer and she decided to write the exam for police services. But things were not in her favor. There were issues with certificate names as it was different from her 10th standard, there was no cut off quota for transgender people and hence she failed in the exam., missed her cut off again with 1 second in 100m race.

Yashini did not accept the failure to pass through her so soon. She wrote to MADRAS HIGH COURT to support her mentioning all the issues regarding her written test and physical tests. And it turned out to be great news after her interview from the high court and made her Sub Inspector K. Prithika Yashini in Chennai. The government encouraged the passion and made her a role model to every transgender person.

Prithika Yashini has become India’s first transgender Police official. She knows there is a long way ahead to do her duty and she’s looking forward for more hurdles to cross away and be an inspiration for individuals.


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