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Day 1 at IIT Kanpur’s Annual Management Conclave Prabandhan

The sixth edition of the annual management conclave of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, IIT Kanpur, Prabandhan 2017, kicked off with great enthusiasm and exhilaration in presence of the chief guest – Dr. Anindya Chatterjee, professor of the Mechanical Engineering department, Dr. Ragunanadan Sengupta, HOD of the IME department, and Dr. Devlina Chatterjee, assistant professor of the IME department.

Prabandhan 2017
Prabandhan 2017 | Source: NewsAurChai Media

Dr. Sengupta in his opening speech, put in words the importance of analytics in today’s world, and talked about the importance of expanding one’s horizons of knowledge by reading books in one’s mother tongue, and wished the best to the students present.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Anindya, in his inaugural talk on ‘Career Building in front of the Wave’, made the audience aware of the imminent threat that this generation might face after a couple of decades. He also talked about the falling standards of technology and management institutes in India due to over-propagation.

Prabandhan 2017
Prof Anindya Chatterjee, Mechanical Dept, IIT Kanpur| Source: NewsAurChai Media

The job market is monophonic, of which many are available to offer their skills but few takers. As quoted by Dr.Anindya, the edge the current generation has the experience and integration of disparate ideas over the coming generation. Dr. Devlina in her concluding speech thanked the sponsors, students and all the supporting staff of Prabandhan’17.

Prabandhan 2017
Prabandhan 2017 | Source: NewsAurChai Media

The inaugural session of Prabandhan’17 has definitely set the foundation for a memorable time in the upcoming 2 days.

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