Play ‘Go INDIA’ Game On Google Pay And Get Rewards

Google pay helps its user to earn cashback either through scratch cards or exciting rewards. Also even this festive season Google Pay has come up with new game “Go India” to give opportunity to its user to earn up to Rs. 501. Go India game is streaming live on Android as well as IOS phone.

Here is all you need to know about the game to earn a sizeable amount.

Concept of “Go India” game

In this COVID crisis, the Google Pay app has come up with a game related to travelling. To play the game, you need to collect tickets and kilometres while travelling to different parts of the country.

To get the rewards on Go India, you need to visit a total of 30 cities on the map by November 25, whereby you can win an award of Rs. 101 to Rs. 501. Besides, you can get discount vouchers from any brands like AJIO, Yatra, tickets, km to travel after visiting 4-5 cities.

How to earn KMs and tickets?

Once you start playing the game he would be taken to different parts of the country such as New Delhi, Hyderabad and others in a virtual car, where you need to collect tickets and kilometres of these places.

You can also collect the ticket by making transactions or asking tickets from friends on Google Pay. Kilometres can also be earned by getting a Morning Gift by opening Go India daily, recharging bills, and even by sharing their Go India photos on map. Once you have visited all the cities, you will be declared as “Go India Champion” and would get a reward of Rs. 501.

General rules

  1. One need to visit all the cities before November 25 to earn the reward.
  2. Payment made to any merchant will help user to either earn a ticket or kilometre.
  3. If the kilometre is not collected within 48 hours, it will expire and will be of no use.
  4. To know more one can go to Google pay and tap on game.

How to start playing game?

  1. Download the Google pay app on your phone
  2. Go to the app
  3. Click on “Enter Game” option present on top of the app.
  4. As a welcoming offer for the first time, you will get a combination of two city tickets and kilometres for a visit. Now you can click on the ‘Go’ option to start your virtual travel.
  5. Now start collecting the tickets and kilometres. Tickets will help you to unlock a city. You can only unlock 3 cities in a day.
  6. You can also view how many regions you have covered and how much is left. Besides every city when unlocked, you can see its picture and an interesting fact about it.
  7. The game has also provides user to play a quiz to get scratch cards, tickets, kilometre and more.

So hurry up to earn and win before November 25.

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