One Of India’s Largest Food Delivery Platforms, Swiggy, Under Fire Again

Swiggy has been accused of Poor pay by an apparent delivery partner. A Twitter account with the handle @SwiggyDEHyd alleged that the delivery partners working for Swiggy are not paid well enough for the multiple orders that they deliver throughout the day. The Twitter handle has gained immense popularity since the account began posting images of the company’s payout to its delivery partners, which dip to as low as Rs. 20.

The author of the tweets also expressed that the conglomerate used to pay daily, weekly, and monthly incentives to their delivery partners. All of which was scrapped due to the onset of the pandemic. The delivery partners are now paid approximately Rs. 20 per deliver, Rs. 6 for a kilometre.

The user also alleged that when workers decided to strike against the extremely low wage, Swiggy spread apparent lies about them. The company said they earned Rs. 65 per order. The delivery partner vented out the unjust treatment they receive through their tweets.

The user is pleading for the world to realise the treatment that Swiggy puts their delivery partners through. He is being supported by other people who have had similar experiences. The Twitter account slammed Swiggy for the unfair pay cuts imposed on the riders for no fault of their own. The user says that he is not pointing fingers at anyone. He is simply trying to raise awareness about the situation they are in.

“I’m not here to blame Swiggy or anyone. I’m just trying to expose our dangerous working conditions, poor payout structures, employee status etc., No dignity of labour”, said the user through one of his tweets.

Other people also agreed with the unfair treatments being rendered out by Swiggy and shared their own experiences in similar cases.

Swiggy responded to the accusations through their Swiggy Cares twitter account. Swiggy denied accountability and maintained that the delivery partners are paid fairly and adequately. They reiterated that their partners in Hyderabad earned Rs.65 to Rs.100 per order last month, with a few exceptions. They also said that tips were given to the riders as a whole and that the payouts shared on twitter were selective. They said that the twitter posts did not represent the apt compensations.

This is not the first time that Swiggy has been in the midst of a controversy. There have been calls against and to boycott Swiggy time and again for their comments and actions regarding certain matters. The most recent example being a comment they made about Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma. The company had to issue an apology for the same and assured to be more mindful of the words they use in their post.

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