O2 Movement – A Green Protest

“Plant a tree, and you give an individual a chance to live”
What if you get to know the air we breathe in, the water we drink, the food we eat is all just amalgamated with dust particles which can ruin your body. This is something we all should stand unitedly in protesting against ourselves from the deed and harm we do to environment knowingly or unknowingly. The capital of the Nation, Delhi, is burning alive because of pollution daily, but what are we doing? Might be we are less aware of the things that how we can cope up with this situation of the environmental crisis; that’s why Radio City, 91.1 Delhi took an initiative of ‘O2 movement’. The Radio Jockey Aadi and Manav initiated this drive to make Delhi clean city again.

What is O2 movement?

It is an initiative by RJ Aadi-Manav and Radio City together to make Manmade Jungle in Delhi to cure the pollution issue because we all have the right to breathe in pure air and yes this nature and planet is a debt on us from coming generations.

O2 Movement
Source: Tears Of The Earth

Radio city initiated this movement, and luckily NDMC (North Delhi Municipal corporation) came up with an offer of making a barren land in Keshav Puram C2 block into a fertile one by planting saplings.

How Organization like ‘Tears Of The Earth’ connected with them?

Jaha Chaah Waha Raah‘, this idiom is self-explanatory. In the same way, when the vision is right people by themselves come together to join and the same went with this drive as well. The Rj’s started it with a noble vision, and people joined it by their own wish.

‘Tears of the Earth’ is an organisation which is working in sectors like making people aware of the tears of mother earth and how directly or indirectly we all are contributing in harming it. When ToE team heard about the drive, they connected with the FM and joined the drive and reached the place with their message and saplings to drive the motto of ‘Clean Delhi, Green Delhi.’

All about the event

The event took place in Keshav Puram C2 Block in North Delhi. Around 10:30 AM the team of Radio City, and other volunteers came up, following which the drive initiated. The presence of Delhi Police Force of the respective area with their sampling made the event all the more special. Furthermore, they started the drive with successful applaud. People, NGO, Children, Schools were also present, there was an interactive session of radio city with school children. People planted, clicked photos and even pledge to plant trees and make Delhi pollution-free. To believe in green Delhi and to make it greener and cleaner.

Source: Tears Of The Earth

All we can do is sum up this pious initiative by RJ Aadi and RJ Manav by two lines of Majruh Sultanpuri “मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर ,लोग साथ आते गए और कारवाँ बनता गया “!

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