New Era Signs Your Boyfriend Actually Loves You

It’s the mobile and WiFi era plus relationships here are as unpredictable as your Internet connection. Check out the new updated list of love signs.

His last seen on Whatsapp is still on

It’s the age of instant messengers and if your boyfriend has still not hidden his last seen status from you, he has absolutely nothing to hide. Trust this man, he’s a rare specimen!


He is always available to listen your PMS outbursts

Not many guys have the patience for handling a girl during her ‘those’ days. If your guy patiently listens to you and gives you a hug at the end of it, he’s a keeper!


His cellphone is not password protected

Or even if it is, if he’s willing to share the password with you and let you use it without hesitation then he is honest with you and has nothing to hide. Also, he really trusts you and doesn’t worry about sharing his life with you.


He is ‘in a relationship’ with you on Facebook

This is a sure shot sign that in a world of commitment phobic guys, he is the odd one out. Cherish him! He loves you and is not afraid of showing it.


He’s willing to wait for “it”

Couples today are very open and honest with each other when it comes to topics like sex. While many couples do get intimate before marriage, there are some who are still old school when it comes to such things. But if you’re old school and your guy understands, respecting your wishes, then he’s in it for the long haul, not just for physical pleasures.


You know his email passwords

Whoa! He trusts you more than himself and is willing to bare his soul. There are no secrets between you and he truly loves you!


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