NCERT Syllabus To Be Reduced By Half From The Next Academic Year

Soon the days will change for a school student. After a long time education system is going to get a much-needed facelift. In the recent events, HRD minister Prakash Javadekar said that he has asked NCERT to reduce the syllabus to half, in order to make sure a student gets an all-round development, he or she must be given opportunity to explore different areas. He also said that the current syllabus seems to be more than that of B. Com and B.A courses.

Introduction of examination and detentions will be proposed and is going to be a part of next Budget Session. However, Mr. Javadekar said that “Without examination, there is no competition and no target. There must be an element of competition for better outcomes,”.

In order to save the valuable year of a student must be given a chance to improve, to do so a student would get a chance in the month of May, if the student fails in the examination conducted in the month of March. Having said that, if the student fails in both the attempts he would be detained and has to repeat the whole year again.

Prakash Javdekar NCERT Syllabus
Source: Scroll.in

Minister also showed his concerns over the quality of the so-called educated teacher. “If the teachers are not well trained will not be able to teach the kid and eventually, the kid will fail to perform”, he said. There is a clear need for upgrading the teaching method to have a better learning system.

According to Mr. Prakash Javadekar “A teacher is the one who could assess the weaknesses and strengths of students and could be a good mentor who can help them to grow.”

The minister said that only 5 lakh teachers were trained by the year 2015 where the target was to train 20 lakh teachers under the Right to Education Act. Now over 14 lakh teachers are undergoing the skill updgration programme which will definitely improve the result.

By the end of next month, after the review of on the New Education Policy, a formal report will be submitted and be sent for necessary a approvals. Hope we see the much-needed reform in the education sector soon.

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