Nana Patekar – The Real Life Hero

“Paisa is a by-product. I will get it anyway. Rs 10 crore or Rs 100 crore won’t give me security. I feel secure by doing this. It is only a bandage on a huge wound. But in the process I am securing that human being that is still alive in me.”

Nana Patekar’s is a fascinating story. He is a ‘star’ who would rather travel in an autorickshaw than buy a luxury car for himself and decides to spend his hard earned money on the grieving families of farmers who have committed suicide. The actor has shown us what it takes to be a conscientious citizen by quietly practicing what he doesn’t even preach.

While most of us on an everyday basis read the pitiful stories of farmers, who are ending their lives due to penury and poverty, and then move on, Nana decided to do something about it. He’s been visiting the widows of the farmers and extending financial assistance. At the same time, he is trying to start a dialog with the government to aid their cause.

“Today, I heard someone committed suicide. If, after 69 years of independence, we can’t provide water and electricity to people, it is ridiculous. Now the BJP has taken over, earlier there was Congress. We need to take these things seriously. I feel it is time for a revolution. If a farmer can kill himself, tomorrow he can kill you. Look at the level of his frustration. Beware, this situation could become dangerous. Their helplessness could turn into rage, they might turn Naxalites. You are creating that kind of a situation. Just give them electricity and water, which is their basic right. Come on, they provide you bread,” he states.

Few days ago, Nana donated Rs.15000 each to families of farmers who have committed suicide. He has helped farmers earlier also. Nana Patekar has in the past also donated lakhs of rupees for drought relief.

Nana has visited 112 widows of farmers in Marathwada region and now he plans to interact with 700 more in Nagpur, Latur, Hingoli, Parbani, Nanded, Aurangabad, Usmanabad, Jalna, Bhusawal, Jalgaon, etc.

Thank you, Nana, for such a nice gesture and also to highlight the plight of farmers.


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