Kajol Beef
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Amidst a lot many problems one new debatable topic just found itself at a restaurant table when our loving actress and our Singham’s wife Kajol was enjoying her afternoon meal.

The matter took people’s wandering attention when a video of the happy meal was shared on social media platform facebook, and soon the uploader might have realised its consequences and so may be lately but the video lost its Facebook position. The matter is Kajol’s delicious order of “beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef” which was the sudden gossip maker. After which the lady not only had to displace the footage of the meal she shared with her friend but also had to provide people with a clarification so as to make sure of no coming trouble in the way. But I really wonder in the country where at one place we talk about all forms of democracy and freedom why we create such holes where our not so uncommon celebrities have to provide clarification for everything they do(even meals)??

Kajol Beef
Source: Google Imagesol

And remember that song ,” meri marzi ,main chahe ye karun, main chahe vo karun meri marzi” when we permit them to wear what they want understanding that their world is different, then is it really difficult to give them their space to be normal ,to have bike rides on the common roads and have coffee at the cafeteria??

We need to see this not as an imposition but as the situation we have created for our stars that they are always in a sense of guilt and nervousness, also we must be supportive towards our entertainers. They too have their lives where they wish to enjoy their luxurious lives in a way they are comfortable with. Where it be liquor or expensive delicacies, we have to take it as normally as an exclusive outfit so that our stars are happy in their space and feel relaxed.

And why should they explain when there are so many commands doing the same each day ?? Just because they are famous they are forced to explain the actions ?? They have to explain each and everything from whom they are talking to and why to what and when the eat?? Can’t we allow them that little room where they can be themselves and free from this forced exposure ?? Give it a go and think about it!!

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