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Do We Really Deserve Our Army ?

“We really deserve an army but not equipped with weapons”

Irony it is, whenever there is an attack in India no matter the region or location, these brave hearts are there to help us out. They know how to get things done and are really good at it.  They fight for us every time, no matter the situation is. Our soldiers are living in extreme conditions, be it snow covered mountains or extremely hot conditions of Thar desert.

Alexander the Great once stated that:“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion“.

India is the world’s largest democracy, we are a home of over 1.25 billion people comprising of almost major religion on this planet. India is the seventh largest country in the world area-wise. As the number of people living here is too high the risk of terror attacks and other attacks is very high.

Every year many young individuals join Indian Armed Forces. Indian army is the third biggest military contingent in the world. We have over 1,325,000 active troops and over 960,00 reserve troops. Our army has been controlling the highest battlefield of the world, Siachen glacier at 5000 mt. above sea level.

But do we really deserve this amazing army?

Our troops have been fighting battles for us with faulty guns and outdated weapons. We have recently included bulletproof jackets for the front line soldiers. But don’t you think we are being lazy to give facilities to our army men. Our soldiers are targeted and attacked every day. Treats are increasing be it internal or external but our forces are fighting with full dedication.

They have been protecting us since the independence but it seems we have forgotten to respect the work done by the army. We feel sorry for stone pelters but not for our soldiers who lay down their lives without thinking even for once. The family of the martyred soldier struggles to get the pension and other rewards provided/announced by the government.

The delay in the system starting from giving proper weapons to giving them orders to neutralize threats has cost many sons of this soil. We praise them for a day or two and forget them after that. We post facebook status for the martyred soldier and feel sad about it for some time but is that sufficient? Is this what our real heroes deserve?

The Role of Politics:

Our army has been a victim of politics played over its credibility in recent times. The recent surgical strike over terror camps in our neighbouring country Pakistan was executed as an answer to the ongoing infiltration of terrorist on our soil. It was praised by many but many political parties including the ex-ruling party Congress questioned the authenticity of the operation. Just because of political envy our politicians have started raising the question on the army itself. Is that what our soldiers deserve?

It seems that in order to make the opposite party look down our national leaders have forgotten the base line.

We should never forget the wars which we won because of our national heroes. Our army never attacked anyone but if anyone attacked our nation they gave a fitting reply.

The question remains that even when the jawans are protecting us every moment, leaving their parents, kids and family are we really giving respect to them? 

Comment in the section below what you feel the pain of an armymen and their struggle.

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