Must have safety applications for women in India

The technology dependence nowadays is increasing at a drastic speed. We as a new generation look forward to be socially connected and updated. As we know the crime statistics against women in India are really scary. While many of us were busy updating our facebook status and managing twitter account some app developers were trying to create applications to help our near and dear ones.

Here is the list of some applications which are specially designed for women to provide a safer environment in India.

1. bSafe – Personal Safety App


This app lets you make a fake call when you’re on a blind date. In case you’re in trouble, the Guardian Alert button notifies friends and family of your location and what’s happening. The app is available for iPhone and Android.



This app is like the Pinterest of personal safety apps – apart from GPS tracking and alarm features, the user community updates and informs you on how safe an area is. The directory option helps you find emergency location numbers. Available on iPhone and Android.

3. iGoSafely


This app understands that you probably don’t have the time to swipe your phone, locate the app, and tap the alarm or alert option. It triggers an alarm system that messages your contacts when you unplug your headphones, or shake the smartphone vigorously. Available for Android phones.

4. Lookup

This Bengaluru-based app primarily lets you chat with local business. After hearing about the Uber rape case, they’ve started a pilot program with Koramangala Police Station to let the user connect with the police over chat, and report any incidents with photographs and location data.

5. Glympse

This Webby award winning app is the best location sharing app there is – it can be used to coordinate a social night out with a group of friends, and can be used in a variety of situations. It’s available on all major smartphone platforms.

We hope that you also read and refer such apps to your friends and family.

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