Historical Love To Love Aaj Kal

The evolution has been constant in life from time immemorial. Every creature on this planet has specific characteristics and is bound to change with time. However, some things are like secret boxes which need to be preserved and cared like irrespective of any era. Love happens to be one such emotion, which remains constant but interpreted in different ways.

The feelings of affection and love are one of such tender and beautiful feelings of the world. It glorifies one’s soul and helps him to cherish every gift on this earth. The portrayal of the real and selfless love mixed with all the feelings of devotion, commitment and selflessness in the ancient period was touching. The ability to respect and understand each other’s choices tend to be the primary factor driving a relationship into a successful one.

However, nowadays, the scenario has changed. The term love is often misunderstood as lust and thus changed all the dimensions of such a pure feeling. People are now really aggressive and can’t face rejections from the person they love and therefore ultimately confuse it with the reciprocated meaning. They interpret it to their own needs but not for their partner’s need.

Also, the intolerance and no-compromising attitude have aggravated the problem. Emotions are somewhere absent to an extent to which you feel fulfilled with your partner. People are ready to give up their love rooted relationship just because of some petty reasons and inability to forgive.

People now meet over social media and fall start having a feeling for each other. Without seeing a person, without understanding them, you say its ‘Love’. Isn’t Love a huge word to be tagged along for such an emotion?

Contrastingly, such was not the case many years back. Evolution is undoubtedly necessary with time. Still, the emotions and feelings are such things which can’t be changed throughout human life. The famous love stories of Jodha and Akbar, Salim and Anarkali, Bajirao and Mastani and many more, were not any different in terms of difficulties and challenges. They faced, but their will to be bonded forever was the thing which made them inseparable today.

The meaning of love, trust and care should be felt and understood deeply to strengthen our relationships with our closed ones. Love should be boundless; it shouldn’t be about a particular aspect of your respective partner. You should be able to understand and take them as who they are.

History has witnessed the pure form of love and yet more histories to be written.

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