Sunny Pawar From 'Lion'
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From slumdog to Hollywood…
The cutest cub in the town wins US visa, shares the red carpet with Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel at Governors Awards. The child Star of blockbuster film, Lion has enraptured Hollywood.

Turning Saroo Brierley’s autobiography – ‘A Long Way Home’ into a movie is not easy and especially with a child who could portray a complex human experience with a feeling of grief, confusion, fear and loneliness. Director Garth Davis and casting director Kirsty McGregor searched in schools all over India. With auditing over 2000 students, Davis suddenly knew he had found their Saroo, the moment Sunny Pawar, a young boy from the Mumbai slums, walked in.Mumbai native Pawar plays the role of Young Saroo, who got separated from his family and as an adult tried to find them again.

Mumbai native Pawar plays the role of Young Saroo, who got separated from his family and as an adult tried to find them again.The film, Lion had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2016. But was released in a limited release in November 2016 by the Weinstein Company, before its worldwide release in January 2017 and thereafter grossing $38 million.

Saroo From 'Lion'
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This tiny little boy with a big smile stole hearts when he with his co- star, Dev Patel appeared onstage at the Golden Globes introducing their nominated drama, Lion. However, what came as a bolt from the blues was when he was denied the US Visa to see the screening of his very own movie.

Eventually, with his entry in the award show, he wins over new fans. He might not have been the biggest star at the Golden Globes but was definitely sparkling the brightest among all.

‘The years littlest, child star has charmed Hollywood’. His co-actor Dev Patel calls him as his own little mascot.He with his performance made the audience’s heart melt leaving them spellbound. Interestingly, he doesn’t know how to speak English and thus learned his lines and dialogues phonetically.

'Lion' At 74th Golden Globes
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He wants to play a superhero and thus his favourite part of the press tour includes the love and attention he gets from the crowd. The crowd was heartening and “awing” as Pawar and Dev Patel walked onstage, introducing their film to be nominated for four globes. While he only spoke one line, “This is our movie, Lion!”

His mother, Vasu Dilip Pawar told in an interview that his life has had only been up to the slums of Mumbai. And now she does really believe in miracles. “Sunny was a revelation”, said all his co- stars. Pawar plans to continue pursuing acting, precisely but by not rejecting his education and is appearing in 2017 drama, Love Sonio; with Demi Moore and Freida Pinto while for now, he is already relishing the awards fun.