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Hailing from the city of Kolkata these musicians are not just music lovers but have made their own room of tapes on youtube. The three musketeers Srinath Nair, Sameel Sikkani and Rajdeep Mukherjee are the foundation pillars of their band “THE GREEN ROOM TAPES” which never fails to satisfy their fans by composing a unique blend of Classical and Western music.

Srinath also the vocalist and keyboard player in the band specializes in Indian classical, semi-classical, Ghazals and plays keyboard from a very young age. Sameel is a tabla player and started learning tabla from renowned tabla player Sri Anandkrishnan at the age of 8. Rajdeep is a talented vocalist and gains the credit of having a number of compositions.

The Green Room Tapes
The Green Room Tapes || Source: NewsAurChai Media

While three of them have been sincere disciples of great musicians and have their expertise in ghazals, classical and semi-classical music, their commonness in the taste of music brought them closer to unique melodies they produce now. And I got this great opportunity to interview these maestros and know more about the ‘The Green Room Tapes’.

The three guys from Kolkata actually met in a college fest for their own performances. From then the journey of friendship started which later turned into a partnership for a lifetime with music. While all three were still pursuing their graduation, they never let go of their passion. Certain is the path of those who are willing to reach any extent for their love. And In their case it was music. The jamming sessions started almost as a fling and a good way to pass the time.

But later when one of the videos was posted on youtube, the overwhelming response solidified this into a strong relationship with the audience through their channel. Now all of them are engaged in performing at various events together as a band and continue to perform individually. The talented boys have performed in front of the great Tabla maestro, the legendary, Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, at the three-day tabla workshop organized by MATRA in Kolkata last August.

The Green Room Tapes
The Green Room Tapes || Source: NewsAurChai Media

They have also rocked the stage at “BEATS N PIECES”, THE T20 OF CLASSICAL MUSIC, presented by MATRA, held on the 11th of January 2018, in Kolkata. This event had performances by many other eminent classical musicians of the country like Anubrata Chatterjee, Mayookh Bhaumik, etc.

On asked upon the importance of audience as an artist they said, “Audience means everything to us, it is like a dream come true every time we move on to the stage to perform. There have been times when we used to enter the stage with all Indian instrument set up including tabla, harmonium and people would expect a boring performance. But the transition in their reaction after the performance gets started was worth a million.”

The families played a very encouraging role in making them what they are. Being learned disciples of great maestros in classical music, they wish to retain the classical touch in new flavored melodies. And they are optimistic that people will shower their love for them. On asked upon the future of green room tapes, they aim to produce maximum videos on youtube with the support of better technical infrastructure.

Expand the social media connects through their videos.Reach maximum audience. They are also coming up with a collaboration with eminent Tabla player and national award-winning musician, Mayookh Bhaumik with two projects.While most of us are busy in fulfilling the materialistic goals of life, the guys are doing what they love and making people love what they do. You too can hear the mesmerizing songs here.

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