ISRO Launch 2019
Source: NAC Media

The EMISAT mission was catalogued to take place on April 1 by ISRO which admitted launching an electronic intelligence surveillance satellite in cooperation with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

ISRO chief K Sivan said at the Mission Control Centre that in particular, the mission was very special for ISRO as there were many firsts in it.” The first time a PSLV was flown in a new configuration of four steps on motors. first time a PSLV is carrying out three orbital missions in a single flight, the first time PS4 (fourth stage) is powered for carrying out experimental platforms and of course a new PSLV team did this function,”. and completing it he further said that the future missions are lined up for ISRO, ISRO was listed to launch 30 missions by the year-end.

An ISRO announcement stated that as EMISAT be evolved out as “[Its] two solar arrays were deployed automatically. The ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network at Bengaluru assumed control of the satellite. In the coming days, the satellite will be brought to its final operational configuration.”

There were some benefits for the government as well
-The 13 satellites were to be used by the military for surveillance cover Cartosat 1 and 2 series.
-The Navy also practices Gsat-7 for real-time communication among its warships, submarines, aircraft and land systems India also has the capability to launch anti-satellite.