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Shahid Was Restless Until He Saw The Film – Ishaan Khatter

Ishaan Khatter is all set to make his debut in the silver screen with Beyond the Clouds, an Indian drama film written and directed by Majid Majidi and an original score composed by A. R. Rahman. The film also stars Malavika Mohanan in the lead role. The film whose story revolves around the bother- sister relationship and human relationship in general, has been premiered at 2017 BFI London Film Festival. Here Ishaan Khatter, who seemed enthusiastic and confident gets into a conversation and opened about his experience, dreams and more.


“Couldn’t believe my dream would come true too soon.”

Before doing this film I dreamt of doing a film with Majidi Sir and I have shared this eagerness with my mother. But even in my wildest imagination, I couldn’t have thought that this film will be first. I had wished for this opportunity but never imagined that it will be fulfilled so soon.

“It’s only wonderful to be a part of a film that is so well edged out.”

It is very deep and poignant film. It was a great experience to be a part of world cinema there was a moment when it was emotionally draining but at the same time, it was really pathetic. One can also feel lighter after performing some nice scenes but the preparation for the scenes in this film was more draining than performing them.

Ishaan Khatter
Source: NewsAurChai Media

“Happy to be a part of Majidi’s Sir first Hindi cinema”

I received a phone call from the casting director when I was in a grocery store and shortly after this phone call I went to his office. Then he said there’s this film that he wants to talk to me about. The director is Sir Majidi and I was quite awestruck. Shortly after that, I met with Majidi Sir. It was a brief encounter. We went to some live locations and shot some footage in those locations. I did some scenes of that character in the film. The shots were meant to be edited but Majidi Sir the entire 50 mins footage and immediately said: “lock him!” (Laughs).

“Majidi Sir and I spoke of everything under the sun whenever we were spending time together.”

The biggest learning that I have received from him was that eventually, everything is going to catch up with you. It is very important to retain your values and remain a good human being first and foremost. That’s the first conversation he had with me. And if I prioritize that then everything will be sorted. All his stories deeply reflect the person he is. They are all very deeply humane. Being in tune with him obviously helped me to play this character the better and give him what he wanted. And I feel like we are like-minded people and that brought me closer to him.

Ishaan Khatter
Source: NewsAurChai Media

“My brother (Shahid) was restless until he saw the film because he had not come to the sets while we were filming.”

I remember his reaction after the screening; he was immensely relieved, gleefully happy, and comfortable. You know hugging me and smiling and then he summoned me to his house “come! We have to talk”. I remember he used a lot of superlatives which I would be embarrassed to repeat (laughs). He loved the film. He didn’t say much but his happiness was reflected in his behavior. It was a very satisfying feeling for me to give that experience to my elder brother.

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