BITS Pilani Fee Hike: “Drop Out From College If You Can’t Pay The Fees – Director BITS”

In the series of protest by the student bodies after JNU, BHU, today BITS Pilani joined the pack. Over 2000 students gather in the main building in both the campuses (BITS Pilani Goa and BITS Pilani – Pilani) to protest. The protest started against the fee hike. In just a few hours the hashtag #RollBackBITSPilaniFeeHike started trending and is now at the top of the trend list.

What Is The Matter?

The prestigious and No.1 private university BITS Pilani have increased their fee structure, according to some students (mostly seniors) it’s become the consecution for the campus which have 3 branches (Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad) in India to increase the fee structure irrespective of 15% fee increase in every semester students have to pay.

Justification Of Increase In The Fee?

Well! The director ignited the students’ protest level by proclaiming that “DROP OUT FROM COLLEGE IF YOU CAN’T PAY THE FEES” and guess what! He did not give any justification for the increase. The only prior concern for the BITS Pilani is to expand and they do whatever it takes to expand from the student’s pocket.

How Much Increase In The Fee The Upcoming Semester?

The fee has increased from 40,000 to 1.59L per semester in last 7 years. In addition, there is 40,000 INR increase in the fee for the upcoming semester.

How Students reacted?

The BITS Pilani – Pilani campus students make the gathering and protest posters and slogans. The poster urges the more students to come and protest against the fee hike at 11:00 AM in the main building of campus where the Goa campus students protest in front of the main building is on the other side at 4:00 PM. The protest comprises of almost 3000 students on Pilani campus and 500 students in Goa campus.

BITS Pilani Fee Hike 2018
Source: Twitter

The few students share the picture of the auditorium of Pilani campus protesting against the fee hike on twitter with hashtag #RollBackBITSPilaniFeeHike and it erupted twitter and become the most trending topics on Twitter.

Well! The students are the most powerful body in the country and they are showing their frustration on Twitter by tagging the Arun Jaitley, Narendra Modi and Senior Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai.

In response Rajdeep tweets “Good to see that Gandhian protest is still alive……students deserve a hearing”

Here are some tweets and posters shared online

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