Is China Going To Be Next King Of Technology?

With the continuous growing apps from China in the upcoming year, Silicon Valley will no longer be the tech giant industry of the world. We all know that all the company related to technology be it websites related to shopping or video-games or even company associated to email all are based in the corner of the United States. However, with the rise in technology of Beijing and increasing demand for Chinese apps, the next king of technology could be China.

Nowadays, we have seen that many companies like Facebook, Instagram are adopting the features of Chinese apps. One of the most prominent examples of this is seen when Instagram introduced its new feature of reels which is similar to Chinese app known as TIK-TOK.

It is seen that the app has the potential to reshape the culture of Beijing and could even mould the east industry. It is also seen that while most of the apps from the west have almost identical features, the Chinese apps always stand different.

Chinese apps are found to be more user friendly as well as the service they offer within the app is seen to influence the western platforms. China have almost all apps from shopping to hailing taxis to even socializing with friends of their own.

Tik-Tok, one of the most well-known Chinese app have almost 690 million monthly active users worldwide, out of which nearly 100 million are from the US and further 100 million from Europe.

The Chinese app also seems to do many things at a time some of the examples of this is “superapp” where you can find much different thing in the same app or Douyin where user can buy products which they see in short videos or Wechat which is not only an app for socializing with friends but also have a payment option.

Chinese apps seem to be really liked by people as it makes the work of people easy as instead of installing multiple apps, they can do all the work from one or two apps.

Recently even Facebook has added many features like online shopping and watching video, and hence it is seen that how even the western firms are trying to make their apps a multi-working app.

Another way in which Chinese social media platforms are influencing Western ones is how they present filter information. In Chinese apps like Tik-Tok, they understand the preference of users based on the prior behaviour whereas, in western apps like Facebook, they show us the post related to the videos we have earlier seen or liked.

Under Chinese app, we also have more exploration, and recommendation option and also individual content creators are given more opportunity, as it is seen in Tik-Tok where even a not well-known person can become a star.

If the Chinese companies continue to play an increasing role in the technology field, the world will look completely different by 2030. Also, after Silicon Valley, China would be the next king of the technology.

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