Instagram Reels Gets New ‘Branded Content Tag’ Feature

Instagram has come up with a new feature that is ‘Branded Content Tag’ in its relatively new short-video format Reels. As of now, the Brand Content Tag is available only for Reels, which is for creators as well as companies, but Instagram is planning to launch the same for live as well.

The company took this step so that the creators and influencers can add and disclose the branded content they are using in their stories. This feature will also help the business to grow and advertise their products through various creators on Instagram.

In the official post of the company, they stated “We want to ensure creators can clearly disclose when they’re creating branded content, no matter what format they choose to use.” The Branded Content tag feature is rolled out in Reels to help increase transparency, and that the company “will begin testing in Live in the coming weeks.”

Besides this feature, the company has rolled out is wherein it allows the advertisers to create Branded Content ads without posting that in the feeds. As a result, this feature has made it very easy for business also to enable creators to post branded content directly.

The company also claims that this will permit brands to have more flexibility with lesser limitations when they want to run Branded Content ads.

Since Reels feature of Instagram have become very famous, this will help the business to attract many consumers. Instagram has also recently launched the ability for business and creator to set a minimum age criteria for their branded content feed post on Instagram.

Branded Content ads in Instagram Stories can be added through a tappable element such as @mention, location, and hashtags. The initiative taken by Instagram is excellent as it will help business to grow as well as advertise them on the social platform.

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