“India Wants Me To Die”: Pak Minister Accuses

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is nothing new. We have witnessed such chaos ever since partition. Moreover, one of the primary reasons has always been related to the Kashmir issue.

Pakistan has always claimed Kashmir to be a part of its territory and has tried and tested everything to make Kashmir belong to them. However, they have not been able to succeed much. All their attempts went in vain, even when they tried to put international pressure, all the plans backfired.

Now, the situations seem to have taken an entirely different turn with the decision of abrogation of Article 370 coming into effect. The decision provoked Pakistan more than it annoyed any of the natives of the Kashmir. With the government hold on Kashmir getting more substantial, it will be difficult for Pakistan to succeed. Also, the rage that the decision has caused inside Pakistan government can be very often seen in the statements of the ministers.

One such recent behaviour is from Pakistan Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rashid. He stated on Wednesday predicting a full-blown war between the two countries in October or November. They have always believed Kashmir to be unlawfully occupied by India.

According to him, this will be the final freedom struggle for Kashmir. He also called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as fascist and barbarian and blamed him for having destroyed Kashmir. He accused the UN of not taking the Kashmir issue seriously and also not taking any constructive steps towards solving the problem. He also asked why other Muslim countries are quite in this matter?

This happened a few days after the Pakistan Prime Minister Mr Imran Khan threatened the world with the possibility of nuclear war between the two countries. It is not the first time that something of this sort has surfaced. Such exchanges have been very familiar.

What is more interesting is that Sheikh Rashid, two days after his statement was again addressing a rally and as soon as he started badmouthing about Mr Modi, he received an electric shock from the microphone.

So, is it the karma paying back or was it some pre-planned incidence? Well, after this episode he blamed India for electrocuting him and wanting him to die.

During the press conference on Saturday, Sheikh Rashid said, “India wants me to die. Let India know that I won’t die that easy.”

With regards to Jammu and Kashmir, Sheikh Rashid stated, “Pakistan Army and the nation hold the right to take the offensive on Kashmir because Kashmir has gone back to 1947 status.”

He warned India, speaking, “If India ever tries to move towards Lahore, then we have smart bombs that will hit those tanks and Indian soldiers who will attack Pakistan.” “We have every kind of bullet, from small ones to big ones. We have everything. You [India] should come and see what happens,”.

However, after the threatening, he shifted to a peaceful tone and suggested to India to step forward for a “third way out” (a friendly talk).

Now let me ask you, readers In your opinion, how India should respond to such behaviour? Do you think the issue about Kashmir can be solved in friendly talks? From the time of Independence both the countries are in the constant fight regarding this, Will it ever see an end?

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